Sunday, September 07, 2014

Who Jack the Ripper was, and more

  • DNA solves Jack the Ripper mystery. He has been identified as Polish-born Aaron Kosminski.
  • Before flash. Taki reminisces.
  • From Roissy: Soft-harem acknowledgement in the wider culture. A recognition that the premarital dating market is skewed in ways big and small toward the advantage of alpha males who, when they and their female admirers are left to their own devices, tend to juggle concurrent lovers while women who catch the eye of these lordly alpha males tend to ignore lesser men for their true desires. Not the way things should be, as he will agree, but he is in the business of offering a road map of fallen human nature to lovelorn men. Sort of a perfect sh*tstorm: a happy hunting ground for cads, disguised as lefty moralism ("sex-positive," as if an old-school Catholic family having eight kids is not, and empowerment for women, or why Playboy used to partly fund Ms.).

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