Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why do so many clergy still hate Catholic tradition?

Michael Voris.

Somewhere between the "new Pentecost" jazz 50 years ago and well-meant, fanciful but ignorant notions of an imposter Pope or antipope lies the truth. Some churchmen are subversive; in America in the '70s they almost won. Also, this comes from the worst of the '50s: belief in "Progress!" Streamlining the church for the space age: going Protestant and even Modernist. This is slowly dying out but in many places it's still in charge and won't go gently. It also reminds me of the Anti-Gnostic's point: such bishops will keep trying to hitch the church's wagon to social democracy even as that's dying. They'll go through the motions of the culture wars, since the Holy See has to enforce our doctrine, but they won't really do anything, like excommunicate pro-abortion politicians. They'll keep preaching politically correct platitudes and get their picture taken with the president, angling for more funding for social programs. Because, damn it, Catholics have arrived in America; no going back to integrist steerage Catholicism for these guys. But again, Catholic liberals are dying out; the remaining Massgoers are real Catholics.

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