Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why no to altar girls, the problem with Cupich, and more

  • Why no to altar girls. The knights of the altar are JROTC for the priesthood.
  • Is Archbishop-designate Cupich a problem? Looks like it. The wrong people, such as NCR and message-board liberals, like him. People who want to neuter the American church, turning it into another Protestant denomination, long an American Protestant goal ("cut your tie to Rome and really be American" — Orthodoxy and Episcopalianism are cute, harmless, high-church alternatives that often do liturgy better than we do). Just what we need, another Bernardin. We really need a younger Pope Benedict who will stay in office for 20 years, finishing what Benedict started. The great turnaround and conservative revival will continue but this slows it.
  • The New York Times has no idea what Christianity is. As America becomes less religious and worse educated, the latter being inexcusable because the Internet is the greatest teaching aid. Also, newspapers are becoming more mediocre as that medium dies. Nearby, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher marking the site where many Christians believe Jesus is buried, usually packed with pilgrims, was echoing and empty. Willful ignorance: the NYT and its readers don't know that Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead, or that Episcopalians and Southern Baptists are different (the default elite American prejudice now is Christian means evangelical or fundamentalist, "those people," which equals Southern Baptist; Catholic being an equally oppressive, mutant, superstitious version of "pure" Protestant Christianity, which is just "Christian"; Mormon is Southern Baptist with plural wives), because they don't care.
  • Brutalizing the beta. It has often been remarked that the real losers of the sexual revolution are the so-called “beta males.” After all, prior to the time when the marital covenant became so thoroughly denigrated and devalued as it is now, “betas” actually wielded a kind of clout...


  1. Regarding beta males, it seems that welfare benefits have allowed this to happen, to the detriment of the traditional beta provider. Women can be with whomever and the government will provide for her and her offspring.

    1. Bingo. Roissy 101. Most women can't really support themselves. "I don't need a man" really means "the state is my daddy or husband," which really means "I get bucks from not one but ALL betas, through taxes and/or alimony, AND I don't have to have sex with any of them anymore." The providers are still providers, only without the sex and companionship of a marriage. Massive transfer payment. "Whomever": right; the carousel, alpha bad-boy f*cks (and sometimes their bastards), many betas' bucks; many beta cuckolds. That, no-fault divorce (redefining marriage), and contraception (ditto) = societal collapse.

    2. At-will marriage (meaning that it's easier to get a divorce than to fire an employee) is a much bigger problem than most folks recognize. It also facilitated widespread sequential polygamy, outright concubinage and bastardy.

    3. Right; that's another way of saying no-fault divorce, most of which are started by bored wives.


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