Saturday, October 25, 2014

ALS breakthrough, more ebola, and what's right about beta males

  • This sounds huge. Cause of ALS is found, Northwestern team says. Lou Gehrig's disease, part of the group of diseases the British know as motor neurone disease. The society editor since around 1962 at my last newspaper was married to an artist who died of this 20 or 30 years ago.
  • Ebola's now in New York, thanks to a Doctors Without Borders doctor. Again, don't believe anything the government's saying about our safety. As for the victim, the road to hell and all that. Come on. Raise the drawbridge for both my and the common good. Travel restrictions, NOW!
  • The red pill is wrong: becoming a better beta. Sunshine Mary's sort of back, solely reblogging others' posts. Here's a smart manosphere alternative, along with Bob Wallace, that doesn't sound mainstream sappy (the problem with Brett and Kate McKay's site, plus they look down on the golden era they illustrate with: kitsch), just like Mary never did, nor abusive to women and otherwise sociopathic (the Dark Triad). Bob says much the same: don't lose your soul by imitating the jerks; rather, like the Army slogan, "be all that you can be," ἀρέτη (areté). Roissy at his less bombastic agrees: most men are betas (nice guys who can both lead AND follow, not psychopaths), which shouldn't be a putdown like "gamma" or "omega," because you need betas for civilization. Unsurprisingly, civilization, such as America 50 years ago, was better to them: an average nice guy could find an average nice girl, so civilization was passed on. Now you have a collapse of civilization (I saw that start, from 1968 to 1972), a return to the jungle. Plus: Bob says in nature there really are no alpha wolves, just fathers. Patriarchs!
  • Liberal diversity: all four "View" hosts bash the Catholic Church. Conservative self-pity pieces are a dime a dozen but there's so much that needs to be said about this. What strikes me is the common thread of American Protestant culture. 75-150 years ago it was naturally ethnocentric, loyal to one's one kind and home: preserve WASPness and keep the Irish and Italians out. Men were men, etc. Now, lefty leapfrogging loyalty (exoticism, fetishizing the Other in a war with your own kind: "diversity," really pawns and a helot class... also, showing off by going to Africa and then bringing ebola home) and feminism (the suffragettes gone amok: girls are envious of what they think are men's privileges but of course can't handle men's responsibilities, and end up making themselves miserable by trying to go against nature) rule, but these thoroughly modern women and the historical WASP society ladies and KKK auxiliary agree: no popery. Just like a Thomas Nast cartoon. Plus ça change plus c'est la même. "The Catholic Church needs to change." Backhanded tribute: you only get mad at things you care about. Nobody cares that Norse religion isn't true, as Chesterton said.
  • Becoming a committed Catholic man. The trick is how to do this without being or seeming contrived or gay. Also, read the link above about the destruction of men's support. Men's non-participation in church is an unwritten rule/tacitly approved in so many cultures including Catholic (Italian and Spanish) ones. No gimmicks. Follow the rules and the grace will come. Go to Mass when the church says, confess and commune once a year, say some prayer every day (it doesn't have to be showy and probably shouldn't be), don't sleep around, and support your wife and kids (easier said than done in our lousy system and economy, but a man doesn't back down).
  • Is Bill Cosby a rapist? Unlikely. This piece seems to hate him for his admirable curmudgeonliness to other Negroes: golden-era social conservatism based on common sense. I've long known he's not the cute characters he often plays. The story I've read is that a man with his power (which attracts women like pretty and shapely attracts men) of course has lots of women throwing themselves at him so he's arrogant, expecting, even demanding it; he's rude if the girl says no. Still, if someone shoots him down, there's plenty more where that came from. So if he's healthy, albeit unpleasant, he doesn't "need" to roofie or force himself on women. But he could be a sadistic psycho. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. He may not be a gentleman but that's not necessarily a crime. By the way, I didn't like "The Cosby Show," not because they were black but I thought his and the wife characters were insufferable snobs.
  • Roissy notes that SWPLs are the biggest prudes, just like their white Anglo-Saxon cousins, the evangelicals they love to hate. Maybe face-value idiocy such as "yes means yes" rules for sex (taken literally as a nice guy might, of course the girl is turned off: "Why do you keep asking permission like a little boy? Take me!") is just classic face-saving for such, commonly called playing hard to get: write, pass, and give lip service to a dumb rule to save face ("I'm not a slut"), but enforce it and watch the boredom set in.
  • Sparring with Episcopal Fr. Mitchican:
    • Confession.
    • Schismatic. "We are all schismatics" means "there is no church." In the Anglican version, the church, its history, its ideas (sure, orthodoxy's cool), and its garb are fun, but ultimately not necessary if Articles XIX and XXI are true. So the English don't go to church anymore.
  • Like the golden era it came from, Charles Schulz's "Peanuts" was ambivalent about religion. Sparky Schulz was a devout Protestant to begin with but the Sixties turned him into, in his own words, "a secular humanist." You had resident intellectual Linus quoting Luke's gospel in the Christmas show, then the cartoon sort of ridiculing faith (again, Linus) in the strip and in the Halloween show the next year (saw it this year and of course liked it). "Peanuts" hit its stride around '65: an intellectual cartoon for grownups. In the '70s it became one for children and to sell Hallmark merch. By the way, Vince Guaraldi's great piano jazz in the shows was Lee Mendelson's idea; Schulz wasn't a fan. RIP Charlie Brown.
  • Ten minutes of Vince Guaraldi. Now that's music.

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