Thursday, October 09, 2014

American decline, bioethics, and more

  • Unmarried cohabitation is a late 20th-century American phenomenon. I remember when Middle America didn't accept it. 1970 appears to be the foremost dividing line between "good, functional, beautiful America" and "bad, dysfunctional, ugly America". So many social ills explode with a ferocity sometime around 1970, and continue exploding right to the present day. Somebody else noticed.
  • "Death with dignity." Understandable — what a horrible disease — but the church has the answer. Killing's not an option. Because the end doesn't justify the means. If the case is really hopeless, this woman can go into a hospice. You can LET someone in that case die, peacefully, with all the painkillers he wants.
  • Opus Publicum: Somewhere in the world a Synod is taking place which has captured an uncomfortable amount of attention from the secular media. Since I promised not to comment on this Synod, I won't. I will, however, express my extreme disappointment that this "event" is overshadowing the horror which is still unfolding for Christians in the Middle East. The Islamic State hasn't called a ceasefire simply because a bunch old prelates in Rome are squabbling over how to circumvent settled dogma with specious reasoning. Some are still fretting that the Synod will lead to a rupture in the Catholic Church, maybe even a full-on schism. Would that be so bad? Yes, schism is always a tragedy, but it's not without certain upsides. The departure of the Old Catholics in the 19th C., for instance, wounded the Church, but not deeply. Look at where the Old Catholics are today. But the Old Catholics were always an extreme minority; it's not clear at this point who will go where and what their numbers shall be. That's because it's not clear yet who the Synod will shake out. Maybe, as some have predicted, it will just weaken the Church more, make her look even more unnecessary and foolish in the eyes of others, and limp onward toward further occasions for self-destruction in the name of "renewal." Thankfully Catholic Answers and other neo-Catholic apologists will be on hand to explain it all away.
  • A priest on divorce & remarriage and Communion.
  • "Purple penguins": transgender trouble in the heartland's schools. The Russians and the Chinese are rightly laughing their asses off at us. Update: hoax.

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  1. Having very recently married, I was struck by the fact that nearly every vendor automatically assumed that my fiancee and I were already cohabiting. Eventually, I made it a special point to explicitly mention our separate addresses, and saw brief confusion on a lot of faces as they momentarily struggled to comprehend. Even the priest's body language seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when he saw separate residences, as if thinking "Oh, good. I don't have to awkwardly explain anything to these two".


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