Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another school shooting, and church matters

  • Another high school shot up. My theory: No kidding; high school stinks for many kids. But 50 years ago lots of boys had hunting guns and this didn't happen. As society gets meaner (do your own thing, man = every man for himself -> just die already), watch school become more so (kids who should be starting to learn how to be civilized; they're not) and see more cases of kids pushed too far and going on killing sprees.
  • Maybe Nashotah House isn't "Catholic" anymore. Time was, Anglo-Catholics were sincere born Anglicans, or free churchmen who became Anglicans, who weren't trying to snag Catholics; some were trying to BE Catholics. Now I read the Episcopalians' leading high-church seminary, relatively conservative, has as its new dean an ex-Catholic priest and ex-monk "who left the church in 1994, joined a body whose orders even the Episcopalians don't recognize, got married, and years later has his Catholic orders accepted. Not to mention that suspicious leaving monastic life to go straight into Congregationalist pastoring" for 15 years. Not my problem but I feel for the few conservative high churchmen left in their semi-autonomous parish system. It doesn't work in the long run.
  • In the church, liberals, conservatives, traditionalists, divisions.
  • Non-ethnic Orthodoxy (pan-Orthodox) has been a long, half-hearted experiment in America; both the Metropolia/OCA ('20s) and even ROCOR ('40s-'50s) tried it but lost interest in it. It's probably here to stay, especially with the Antiochians, but will always be a small minority in a minority faith. Leave the Orthodox alone to sort out their own mess. We have our own issues to deal with. We'll be at more peace. At a time when left-wing ferals get their way, I'd be jumping for joy when a young adult says he or she is a Christian and goes to church every Sunday. I am; just a passing observation while talking online with a convert who goes to a multi-/non-ethnic OCA church on our West Coast, not America's ethnic Eastern European stronghold back East.

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  1. John, the demise of Nashotah House is perhaps systematic of what happened throughout the whole of the old Episcopal Church. Often not mentioned is that often those who plotted the liturgical and theological implosion of the Episcopal Church were converts from Roman Catholicism; both James Pike as well as Ms Katharine Jefferts Schori were former Catholics. Unfortunately, the older, more tolerant Episcopal Church and its members had no defense against such individuals, and there were many of them. Anglicans of a former time had always embraced toleration, but within limits that accepted boundaries; former Catholics did not understand these boundaries, and felt that since there was neither Pope or Magisterium, the sky was the limit; and behaved accordingly.


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