Tuesday, October 28, 2014


  • You can't understand ISIS if you don't know the history of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia.
  • "Do you miss the Orthodox liturgy?" Of course Gabriel's no BS. Don't compare Byzantine and Novus Ordo; compare Byzantine and Tridentine.
  • Women's besetting sin is pride. Interesting how women's temptations are at heart more cerebral and spiritual and men's more carnal. (Counterpoint: women's sexuality unhinged is even more chaotic and amoral; men often are romantics pining for "the one and only," even after she's frivorced you and is taking up with sexy strangers.) We're attracted to looks, first and foremost: make strong babies. Women's instincts want to build strong babies too, but they're attracted to men's power more than looks in order to accomplish that.
  • Episcopalianism's "credal orthodoxy." David Mills answers me. Good point about the reductionism of the concept "credal orthodoxy." But I never said "basically okay." I'm not an Episcopalian anymore for a reason. Just trying to be fair, not like the hardline Orthodox whose narrow ecclesiology almost denies that we Catholics are Christian (so they don't recognize our baptism), nor the ignorant, outdated assumption of conservative Catholics that Episcopalians are still like James Pike and John Spong, basically unbelievers. No, they realize that a church about nothing has no appeal, so they're now into a back-to-basics movement paralleling our "reform of the reform" under Pope Benedict the Great. Also, high-church Anglicans have always thought credal orthodoxy, church history, and liturgical minutiae and garb (birettas, etc.) are fun. They're not like Catholic liberals. But, although the Episcopalians market themselves now as "Catholics with a difference" (historical, high, but open-minded), they're really Protestants. Like the evangelicals they hate, they'd say Jesus is God and an authority, but the "authority" they're following is really themselves. If's it's between the Church Historic and "self-evident" modern "truths" about sex and the sexes, it would be adiós, church. Because they have Articles XIX and XXI: fallible church.

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