Thursday, October 02, 2014

Christian dhimmitude (when we agree with the left), why you don't want libertinism, and more

  • The dhimmitude of Christian morality in the leftist state. So why are conservative Catholics denouncing him [Fred Phelps-like Rick Wiles — who?] for the pleasure of the left that hates them as much, if not more? Do they really think by casting stones at some random pastor dredged up by a leftist website they can earn favor with their persecutors? Indeed, it goes without saying that as far as a site like Raw Story is concerned there is no difference between Rick Wiles, Fred Phelps, and the retired Pope Benedict XVI (admired by the same Catholics denouncing Wiles). This is exactly why conservatives, be they religious or political, make no headway. They let their enemies set the terms of the debate, as well as dictate what Emmanuel Goldstein they must denounce for the daily Two Minutes Hate period. These same conservative Christians that are now hesitant to criticize homosexuals, Jews, and other elevated minorities abandoned their thou-shalt-not-judge attitude to excommunicate those to their right. This is the dhimmitude of the conservatives in a leftist-ruled society. Easy to fall into as political correctness is a Christian heresy.
  • Sex and the meaning of civilization. The purpose of civilization is at least twofold: to repress and punish all the bad stuff (murder, theft, etc.) and to create the conditions for eudamonia for the largest number of people. While I am closer to being a libertarian than anything else, I am not a libertine, i.e., a hedonist. When you have a totally hedonistic culture (complete sexual freedom, for example) Pareto's 20/80 law comes into play: 20% of the men get most of the girls, and the other 80% get few. America 50 years ago: more eudaimonia; the average Joes and the girls were happy to have each other.
  • Till death us do part.
  • Derek Jeter and gnosticism.

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