Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Color film clip: the Mass aboard a warship in 1945, and more

  • The Mass, aboard the USS LST-782 off the coast of Iwo Jima a week before the famous battle.
  • Praise be! 85-year-old Bob Davey defies death threats from Satanists to spend 22 years returning 1,000-year-old derelict church to its former glory. St. Mary's, Houghton-on-the-Hill, wrecked in the Blitz.
  • The memory of this brave soldier has lived on for generations to honor. Hubert Rochereau was a second lieutenant for the French army during World War I, who died on April 26, 1918, from wounds he incurred while fighting in Belgium, according to The Guardian. His parents, who left his room untouched since the day the soldier left for war, sold the house in 1936, and included a clause in the deed that the room should be preserved that way for 500 years, according to The Telegraph. It's been almost a century since Rochereau died, and his room has stayed exactly the same as he had left it. A useless, immoral war. What a waste. RIP.
  • Wrecks of U-576 and SS Bluefields, the ship it sank, found off North Carolina. Hmm, a type VIIC, the standard Battle of the Atlantic submarine, right off our coast. I thought it would be a Type IX, like the U-505 I've been aboard, a larger, long-range one more the size of our Pacific-war boats (below; also a workhorse of our Cold War Navy — the so-called fleet submarine, designed with an obsolete idea of operating with the surface fleet, accidentally ideal for a long-range commerce-raiding war across the Pacific against Japan).

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