Friday, October 31, 2014

Dumbing down Halloween, making the world the SWPLs' playground, and more

  • Three ways overprotective parents are ruining Halloween. Happy vigil of All Saints! I'm with John Zmirak, among others: it's really Catholic folklore; do and love the secular fun stuff but remember what it really means. You don't have to make it all pious, though you CAN have your kids be little saints, priests, and nuns. And some conservative Protestants ironically are re-paganizing it by making it into a fall harvest fest (Samhain!) rather than about witches, ghosts, etc. Of course it is a Northern European harvest fest too. Autumn: there's nothing like a evening with a cold nip and the smell of smoke in the air, with the leaves still on the trees all in warm colors. Add a bright moon and some hoodoo-ey jazz and it's perfection.
  • Donna's prize-winning costume this year.
  • What that "harassment" video really means. The point the video's makers accidentally (?) make (or is it a dog whistle?), giving themselves away, as some bloggers have pointed out. To such people, "urban renewal" really means clearing out scary minorities to make downtowns into safe playgrounds for themselves, not real communities including working-class whites and minorities. Anti-white is at the top of their hierarchy of truths, but they don't care about real minority people. They care about minorities inasmuch as they're cannon fodder in their war on conservative, less-well-off whites; otherwise they want nothing to do with them and often don't. Roissy and Steve Sailer weigh in.
  • Reminds me: stages of the sexual revolution and homosexualism as I remember them playing out. In the beginning it was jolly clear: happy hunting for alpha letches; Christianity with its purity, modesty, respect for women, etc., was for losers who couldn't get any or hypocrites. (Watch the change in tone in reruns of "M*A*S*H": Hawkeye the p*ssy hound while Frank Burns sounded like both the church and political correctness, before Hawkeye started making fashionable sensitive-guy noises.) Then political correctness replaced Christianity as more people got hurt by "the new morality"; ripping off the ethics but dumping Christ, with ridiculous results (pushing girls into roles they're not suited for; preaching male feminism) and STILL happy hunting for alpha psychos. The losers are the nice guys who would have lived happily ever after with nice girls in 1960, and the nice girls who bought into "Sex and the City" (the lie: forget nice guys; go for sexy strangers, and the state and your circle of BFFs will always support you) and Eat, Pray, Love, who end up barren cat ladies ("alpha widows") after their looks hit the wall. Gay Is Good started by desensitizing America, which before didn't talk about this problem in polite society: bringing up homosexuality if only to make fun of it. (Isn't that a Marxist tactic? "Manners? Bourgeois bullsh*t!") Once you've invaded Middle America's consciousness, push acceptance. Now several American states legally pretend the same sex marries; people with mental illnesses are treated like latter-day Martin Luther Kings.
  • New Urbanism hijacked for leisure-class contests, and the plague of cars turning suburban streets into one-way roads. Quote: There’s absolutely nothing civic, communal, cohesive, or enriching about these large playground oases in the urban jungle.
  • The Obamaverse: small world. Steve Sailer's made that point before: that Obama's parents were non-Communist leftists, a type our government cultivated.
  • 52 parishes affected in upcoming Archdiocese of New York closings and mergers. How's that "renewal" working out for youse?
  • "You can call me Books." No wonder B. Dalton went out of business. I remember these commercials but don't remember this character being so pudgy and effeminate. They were going for cute but no. Hemingway. Spillane. Chandler. Books are for wusses. Yeah, right.
  • From the Anti-Gnostic:
    • The message of modern Christendom is one of endless cession and accommodation to her illiberal enemies. Islam, by contrast, gives its followers certitude and tells them to bide their time. Secularized Christianity is now the Establishment, which is why the desert creed of Islam evangelizes. Political correctness, is Protestantism's spawn, another Christian heresy, the ethics minus the theology.
    • How it all works. This game of economic musical chairs ends when the US can no longer uphold its end of the balance sheet: the US military is no longer able to assure global hegemony; the US populace is no longer adding value; US markets no longer supply or demand products with long, sophisticated production chains. It will end when it ends. And it will end.
    • A day in the life of Michael Brown. In an integral community for Michael Brown, old bulls with similar time preference and T-levels are on hand to channel aggression into socially redemptive pursuits. (Black America has been decimated of its older, steadier males thanks to welfare enabling women to sleep with attractive lotharios, and criminal laws drafted by whites who prefer higher levels of organizational complexity.) Instead, he's in a dysfunctional, matriarchal stew ruled by vestigial public-sector whites hanging on for pensions and seniority, even as their private sector peers slip away to the next county. Going up a number of levels above Mike Brown's world, African Big Men like Robert Mugabe are not actually cynical. Robert Mugabe is as sincere in his principles as Ron Paul is in his: you reward your friends and punish your enemies; you get while the gettin's good; you spread the green around and buy status for your family. The Non-Aggression Principle? Nigga pleaz. This is the problem with good-hearted whites: they think inside everybody is just another classical liberal or social democrat trying to get out. Rich whites' vices (promiscuity fueled by contraception, frivorce, socialism) are disastrous for blacks.

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