Monday, October 13, 2014

"Going to war with Germany with 1939 was in any case catastrophic for Britain," and more

  • UKIP, "Dad's Army," and the Matter of Britain. Actually the real myth bequeathed by the Second World War is that fascism is still a great danger or will be in Europe in the next twenty years. Evil morphs. The nearest thing to a fascist threat today and for the foreseeable future comes from Muslim extremists, not anti-immigration parties. Going to war with Germany with 1939 was in any case catastrophic for Britain, for the country we ostensibly went to war to save, Poland, for our ally France — and for the whole world. This truth is obscured by heroic myths. The USSR won.
  • Anti-war is pro-American.
  • Rand Paul in Ferguson: another Jack Kemp zombie. The point is that Paul is simply moralpreening in preparation for his Presidential run by showing how far he has moved from his unacceptable roots.
  • Neocon cowards and Russian ingrates.
  • Yet more evidence why you shouldn't give money to panhandlers. I've bought food for people who asked for money for food.
  • Our intentions with diversity are good: we want to extend our wealth and technology to everyone else. In reality, these other groups need to develop it for themselves by going through the same winnowing process we have, or they risk having access to tools they do not understand and which their social order is not stable enough to support.
  • Black behavior on average.
  • How to tell who is lying.
  • Fr. L on making girls cry. I listen to their story. Neither of them practice their Catholic faith. Barbie wants a church wedding. Ken doesn’t seem to care that much one way or the other. Our Protestant culture expects priests to be like funeral directors, serving customers with "spiritual" mood music, not teaching. Anglo-Catholic semi-congregationalism has its good points ("the parish's tradition" as a hedge against Modernism, and a way to build close parish communities) but this can be a down side of parishes hiring their clergy.
  • Belloc on scholasticism.


  1. I see plenty of mean racist people where I live. I genuinely do worry about the rise of a new far right extremism. It's a reaction to Islam, yes, but it's still a dangerous one.

    I fear about Islamophobia as much as I fear Islamicism..

    1. Maybe I was clueless, but the only racial hatred I remember in England was towards Gypsies, and Gypsy behavior is largely why. I didn't even know that English people often hate redheads (gingers), which is nonsensical to Americans (is it anti-Irish?).

      I honestly don't see the threat of extermination by a white far right; at most a xenophobia trying to reclaim Europe and America. (The Sweden Democrats: "Europe belongs to us." Indeed.)

  2. Um, perhaps Britain had the option of not going to war, though I think in the end not. Look what neutrality did for the Norwegians. It is no wonder they signed up for NATO. British "neutrality" would have only accelerated the fall of France, and had no implication whatsoever for the demise of Poland.

    As far as the myth of Britain standing alone, well, pretty much they did from the fall of France to the invasion of Russia, albeit with materiel support from the US and from the rest of the commonwealth.


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