Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Greek to me

  • "Are you Greek?" A non-ethnic Orthodox's lament. It should be an ethnic Catholicism with its rite including most of its rules intact. It has to fall into line with us on divorce & remarriage and on contraception. Pro: The church naturally is at its best as the Church Local, and being exclusively ethnic keeps the Stuart Koehls out. Con: You're worshipping the tribe, not God.
  • Opus Publicum: I have been attacked on here in the past for being too supportive of the ethnic nature of Orthodoxy, at least in America. What I have a low tolerance for are converts looking for their next boutique religion. Maybe it won’t amount to much, but it seems like Orthodoxy is going to experience its next wave of such converts — “Emerging Churchers” and such who are, unsurprisingly, burned out after a decade or so of religious posturing.


  1. You really need to get over the fact you used to be Orthodox.

    1. I understand why as a good Orthodox you're mad at me. Born Orthodox get the benefit of the doubt so they're not my problem, and people who leave the church for you aren't my problem anymore, though I try to talk them out of it. The Stuart Koehls are doing harm within the church (the way you'd view a papalist in your church) so they must be stopped.

    2. Well, good, bad or indifferent I don't want to create any false impressions. I'm as convert as any convert. I guess the needle gets moved slightly in my favor by marrying a cradle Orthodox. But that's where the distinctions you're trying to draw break down. People have been marrying into the Church for years now, the children and grandchildren are as American as anybody, and we're baptizing converts' children by this point. Same process for the Antiochians in Central and South America.

      I don't know about Koehl. I used to see him on Mere Comments and always wondered what a Zionist was doing as an Eastern Catholic. I know there are Catholics who go to my town's local Melkite parish to get away from the Novus Ordo and social justice-homilies.

    3. You know what I think: I'd love it if the dominant Catholicism here were Byzantine, not Novus Ordo, for the same reason some Roman Riters go to your town's Melkite parish, but I don't see it lasting much beyond the third generation after immigration. Same with the Orthodox.


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