Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Heresy in the Vatican, wars and rumors of war, a plague running uncontrolled...

  • Reading the Synod midterm report. These mere notes (not a definition of doctrine) sound both like Orthodox economy (the law's unworkable so wing it) plus the game our churchmen played at and after Vatican II (mistake, not heresy): praise an old practice, then a few lines down effectively get rid of it by making it optional. So it is here with divorce and remarriage. "For some, partaking of the sacraments might occur were it preceded by a penitential path — under the responsibility of the diocesan bishop" echoes the fiction that Orthodox marriage after divorce is penitential, the dodge with which our liberals got rid of meatless Fridays (penance and a marker of REAL "Christian community"; the Orthodox rules overdo fasting but space-age "progressive" Catholics went too far the other way — they really hated fasting like they hated self-denial about sex): substitute another penance for it (I've heard that promoted, well, never), and the '50s mainline/modern Orthodox excuse for contraception (it's between the couple and their minister, as long as they don't choose abortifacients or never to have kids). Again, all this is only a "relatio post disceptationem" and the synod won't be over till next year, so I'm not taking off for "Écône" just yet (the See of Peter is still manned), but very scary, kids. As with the Anglicans and women's ordination, that this came up for discussion at all is worrisome. Then again, the academy, the university (vs. catechesis: Sunday school or CCD), IS a debating society (the Summa's in that form, and that was all Luther's theses were meant to be) and in the end, isn't all Pope Francis saying is don't deny any teaching, just "accentuate the positive," God's love and mercy, when dealing with people in these sins? Not a problem. (As evangelicals taught me as a kid, don't pick on homosexuals; they have a problem. But we can't "value" a sexual orientation that's objectively disordered, by nature a temptation.) Various Fathers underlined the necessity to make the recognition of cases of nullity more accessible and flexible. Easy annulments, making the church look like more of a joke (ha ha, Catholic divorce). (The truth: I think in one year in the '30s, American Catholics had NINE annulments, or at least only that many cases were appealed to Rome.) That's probably all that will happen. Unfortunate but not formal heresy. It's like the runup to Humanae Vitae: John XXIII opened an academic discussion, the libcaths, libprots, and secularists got their hopes up that the church would turn modern Protestant on this (because hey, baby, it was the swinging Sixties: enter contraception and no-fault divorce), then surprise, the Pope's Catholic, so they went back to hating us. They still hate us because of abortion, remember?
  • Cardinal Burke's reaction: Synod's midterm report "lacks a solid foundation in the Sacred Scriptures and the Magisterium." Now I am confused. Mark Shea tells us that all is well. A Prince of the Church tells us that is not the case. Who to believe, who to believe. Just stick to your old missal and JP2's catechism and older, and IF the local church skunks, go to the SSPX.
  • Catholicism lite: the old liberals' last hurrah?
  • Ron Paul: We don't need another good war.
  • Nina Pham, Thomas Duncan's nurse in Dallas, has Ebola. Either the hospital was ignorant ("So, you're from Liberia? Here are some antibiotics. Go home and rest.") or the government is lying about the real danger. Prayers for this poor girl.
  • Roissy: Online dating and socializing hurt the real things. I didn't know about the Dunbar Number: you can only really be friends with about 150 people.
  • Bob Wallace: King Roughbeard and the Husband Store. Wisdom from European folk tales.
  • Cracked: Plagiarists and other thieves of ideas. It's reported before that Edison and Marconi stole from Tesla. Obviously the sewing-machine years should be in the 1800s.
  • Steve Sailer: Amish vs. English. How in-groups "stay pure" by boiling off dissent. Are Jews similar? The Amish are much misunderstood: they're not pretending it's the early 1800s. That era only happens to match their real purpose, to keep their local religious communities together. So they're allowed to ride in cars and go to hospitals but not own them or go to college. They give their kids a choice (Rumspringa); interestingly, fewer leave now than decades ago.


  1. Re, Cracked: e aspirin one was also BS. Bayer aspirin was released in 1898, The denial of citation of the Jewish scientist had to do with alleged methodological improprieties and company rule violations, not time-travelling Nazis.

    1. I thought of the "time-traveling Nazis" problem when I read it last night. I just assumed he meant the Nazis rewrote history when they came to power by erasing the Jewish scientist from the record. Thanks.

  2. Pope Francis is a pastoral pope not a theologian. Since God is the only one who can rightly balance Justice & Mercy, it doesn't surprise me that one aspect in this case Mercy, is emphasized over Justice. Secondly, Catholics in America seem to think that what occurs in the USA is Catholicism but when one considers we have about 15 million in the country who practice their faith we are effectively an aberration on the Body of Christ. Those who will undermine the Church are always the first to draw the attention of the media and spin everything to confuse the sheep and apply pressure on the bishop to adopt that which is false. It's times like these that I reflect back on the fact we had Vigilius as Pope and the church raised up Pope Gregory the Great within a generation.

  3. "Mark Shea tells us that all is well."

    We already knew his take, because we already knew he would spin it this way no matter what was said. Perhaps he even believes it just like professionals always testify in court in favor of whoever is paying them. My father, an attorney, once commented how this always amazed him because he didn't need to search for a professional who saw it their way, they just always did, just as those paid by the opposing party always saw it the other way. Follow the money.


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