Monday, October 13, 2014

Homosexualism and a slippery slope to moral and social anarchy

Latvian archbishop: "Homosexual relationships are destroying our human identity." The slippery slope to transhumanism and where Rod Dreher's attempt to sell schism and surrender to conservative Christians might fit in:
Yes and that's the point. The lead-in to trans-national government and trans-humanism.

"I had to raze everything to the ground and begin again from the original foundations, if I wanted to establish anything firm and lasting in the sciences."

"I will attack straightaway those principles which supported everything I once believed."

All of this goes back to the "original" nihilist, Jacob Frank, who wanted everything destroyed and rebuilt on Talmudic principles. That's fact, not tinfoil.
Hmm. Western Catholicism: rule of law, reason, as in Aristotle and scholasticism; conforming yourself to objective reality, seeing things as they really are rather than trying to make up your own truth. Orthodoxy: "that's legalistic"; (their intelligentsia, imitating our liberals from right before Vatican II: "scholasticism bad") throw out the "Western capitvity" of rational thought in favor of "mysticism" and "economy." Slavic anti-Semitism notwithstanding (Jewish behavior's another topic: screw the goyim, and no, I'm not pushing pogroms or final solutions), and of course the only Orthodox country that matters globally, the Russian empire of Putin (A new Constantine? I'd welcome that but in any event this non-Communist is not my problem; anything but homosexualist), Talmudic (for every rule there's a counter-rule = doing whatever we, or the state, want, because, face it, our canon law's outdated so it's unenforceable). Like the irrational God of their fellow Easterners (theologically their bastards like the mainline and the Mormons are ours), the Mohammedans (sharia, anyone?). Schismatic Christianity's no threat to the status quo; rather, the status quo welcomes it, and it naturally is a ward of the state. Which is why sultans, tsars, and Comrade First Secretaries have pushed it and persecuted "papism," which they couldn't control.

Expressing the true faith in Byzantine terms is a good thing (mother church offers both unlatinized and latinized forms; both beat the Novus Ordo); Dreher's escapism another.
Archbishop Zbigņevs Stankevičs.
A name that's 100% Slavic though Latvians aren't (the Balts are related but different). Sure, there's crossover. The Stankieviches I used to know were ethnic Byelorussians.
“Homosexual persons are not discriminated against in Latvia,” said the archbishop. “They have the same rights as other persons, and they don’t need special rights, because practically, these rights will be privileges.” To allow same-sex “marriage,” as Western gay activists are increasingly demanding, would be to “approve [homosexuals’] inner disorder,” Stankevičs said.
About what Putin's Russia says: "That's your business; we'll leave you alone but don't push it on our kids."

Anyway, why Dreher and quislings like Stuart Koehl ("a largely uninvited volunteer fifth column trying from within to turn their church into another which they think is the true one, commonly called traitors") need to be stopped.

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