Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is Pope Francis literally crazy?

  • Is Pope Francis of sound mind? The dementia hypothesis. On one hand, I just go where the old catechism's upheld; the Pope might as well be a crash-test dummy as he's only supposed to be a caretaker. And the Soviets used to use stuff like this against their dissidents. On the other, maybe?
  • Fr. Hunwicke speaks.
  • J.P. Sears on how to be ultra spiritual. Sanctimony the new American way.
  • The Francis of veeps opens his mouth again. Good old Bad Catholic Joe Biden. They'd never let a conservative get away with saying that. Also: The fact is, liberalism is no more than a shopworn and shabby euphemism for communism, an economic and political "philosophy" under which, in the 20th century alone, a little over 200 million individual human beings were deliberately and systematically murdered by their own governments.
  • Ralph Nader respects Ron Paul and thinks Rand's a sellout.
  • Anglicans and Oriental Orthodox (Monophysites) have official agreement on Christology. With the Catholic Church of course this would mean something. Anyway we see the OOs as Orthodox, estranged Catholics (meeting the three criteria for valid bishops: very basic orthodoxy, succession, and belief in a complete change at the Eucharist). The scholarly near-consensus now is that it was all a big misunderstanding; Greeks vs. non-Greek Easterners. The bromance the Orthodox have with the OOs is new and historically ironic. All the ancient churches, before the "Reformation," have taught they're the true one; the ancient heresies such as the Arians thought they were the Catholics (the Gnostic ones didn't). The other Lesser Eastern church, the Nestorians (in Iraq, outsized by their Chaldean Catholic daughter), used to, until Anglican influence; their official church, whose patriarch is now based in Illinois, no longer does but there's a small, obscure "True" Church of the East that still does. Anyway, does it mean anything or, as some conservative Anglicans suspect, is this just more Latitudinarianism, "Anglican fudge"? After all, in their system, apostasy is possible, only a synod/convention vote away. (The late Catholic-turned-Orthodox-turned-Catholic Archimandrite Serge: What's next, the Mohammedans being "pre-Nicene Orthodox"?)
  • Golden-era TV clip. "Please Please Me": the Bee Gees in '63. Who else thinks it's weirdly inappropriate for two little boys to be singing this really racy song? Anyway, cute, complete with corny choreography. Barry Gibb looks great here; the Mancunian-bred by-way-of-Australia trio sound like Aussie chipmunks, before they found their niche with sweet ballads, even before their brief reign as disco kings. No questioning their professionalism; Sir George Martin remembers they were perfectionists in the studio, with their close harmonies. Here, on Aussie TV, miming like on "American Bandstand."

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  1. If he is not crazy, he certainly is doing a very good imitation.


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