Wednesday, October 08, 2014

"Libertarianism is just another way to support the corporate-big government" and more

  • "Every man for himself" -> "F*ck off and die." You know that libertarianism is just another way to support the corporate-big govt. State, right? It is designed to do so through the policies it supports. Destruction of national borders, the family and fellow-feeling among citizens all has the same effect: to strengthen our dependence on fusion of big govt. & big business that is the core of modern liberalism. All part of upper class whites' war on lower class whites. Deprive the lower class of jobs, of the stability of family, of mediating institutions, leaving them dependent on welfare and crap jobs at big box stores but with lots of porn and dope and contraception/abortion to keep the lower classes zombified and compliant. As when reading Jefferson, the important thing with libertarianism is to look at what their policies actually do, rather than what they say. Like all ideologies, what they say is pretty, but what actually happens is a meat-grinder.
  • Romanian bishop dies; collaborated with Communists. Another reason to take Holy Orthodoxy with two grains of salt. God have mercy on him. Communists, czars, sultans, whoever the powers that be are, the Orthodox are willing to bow to them and be a happy little ward of the State. "To be fair though, there were Catholic bishops in Poland and Hungary that collaborated with the communists." True, but that was a bug, not a feature. With the Orthodox, collaboration is a feature and not a bug. Number of Ukrainian Catholic and Ruthenian Catholic bishops who "returned to Holy Orthodoxy" to collaborate with the Communists: zero. I imagine it was the same in the Romanian and Bulgarian Catholic churches. Among the few Romanians I've met is a man from a Greek Catholic family that switched to the Roman Rite rather than go Communist with the Orthodox. If he was from a Greek Catholic family, then staying under the Pope as the main factor would make more sense than the communism issue, although it can be a factor. That's what I was getting at: the Communists pushed schism; the Radu family chose the Pope.
  • From Roissy: Demography is destiny.
  • The Ultimate Picture Palace, which looked like this as the Penultimate Picture Palace when I saw The Tin Drum and sex, lies, and videotape there. Should have known it's historic.
  • The lunar eclipse.

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  1. One does not even need to go to Romanian or Eastern Europe to see this Byzantine groveling and oozing up to the state; on youtube one can find the Greek Metropolitan doing everything but calling Obama the Second Coming, watch only if you have a strong stomach.


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