Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Photos: more vintage in New Jersey

TV's "Green Hornet": This looks like the laziest idea for a superhero. He's just me with a Lone Ranger eye mask! I know this show was Bruce Lee's big break (he was Kato, the "Robin" sidekick). The theme music sounded like a ripoff of "Flight of the Bumblebee."
In the '80s, there was a pretty good show called "The Equalizer" that was about an old guy who just knew things and was brave and made himself into a kind of private eye/superhero to help get people out of bad trouble. I thought it was awesome because he was, basically, just someone who didn't put up with the crap and used his ordinary human abilities and knowledge. It was like being brave and wanting to help people was his superpower.
Yes, starring Edward Woodward from The Wicker Man. Loved that show. It was serious, not camp; a superior detective show. "The Mentalist" is similar.

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