Friday, October 24, 2014

Quick bites

  • Who you gonna call? There's just something about the Catholic Church.
  • Why I don't read libertarian links much anymore: a quote from Ann Sterzinger at Takimag. "Trite and predictable complaints about the U.S. being trite and predictable." It's just lefty snobbery and leapfrogging loyalties ("anything but American") from people who sort of understand economics.
  • Oppression juicing. #firstworldproblems. As Owen White has said, echoing the Soviet view, gay rights is a bourgeois cause. The silliness of girls at schools such as Wellesley pretending to be men (so why are they allowed to stay at Wellesley?), majoring not in business, engineering, or physics but "gender studies" and complaining about not being "emotionally safe." Yeah, right. Very manly. (Wise prediction from the Takimag combox: when boys pretending to be girls want to go to Wellesley, watch Wellesley resist.) Also, regarding college RAs as lefty social engineers: I didn't have that happen but did in high school: "Madison Plan," a form of liberal indoctrination in the form of little discussion groups. Sort of a soft psychobabble Sixties-'70s version of the Young Pioneers. I smelled a rat even back then and resisted this with all my might, ditching meetings. Maybe I wasn't so clueless as a kid after all.
  • "Why do people leave the Catholic Church and what stops people from becoming Catholic?" As I like to say, the flashpoint of all heresy is God's creation, particularly the material (though it began with the fallen angels), rebelling against him; this has three battles: who Jesus is, the Eucharist, and sex. Implicitly, it's about the church: God meeting man through the church or man saying "I will not serve." For moderns it's all about sex. The imposter churches (from Orthodox contraception and divorce & remarriage to Protestant women clergy and same-sex marriage) and the secular world tell you what you want to hear about illicit sex, including with plausible hard cases (discarded wives deserving a second chance, etc.). The devil's not stupid; he knows how to argue. Sin is always aimed towards an apparent good.
  • Gay men: they're not really like women. Face to Face has noticed that too.
  • "Believe you are saved by faith; act like you are saved by works." I think Cardinal Pole said that. Great man.
  • "What needs to change in the church?" Mother Teresa: "You and me."


  1. Thanks for the link. I blog-rolled your blog.

    Obviously you can drop the word "gay" from the statement. Men: they're not really like women. It's simple logical instantiation. It's also probably "hate speech", or some kind of awful crime, on some campuses.

    "Believe you are saved by faith; act like you are saved by works." like that a lot -- thanks.


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