Friday, October 17, 2014

Raise the drawbridge, and more

  • Derb on the Mideast mess and on ebola: Raise the drawbridge. Our WASP society seems determined to "nice" us to death, literally. "Better dead than rude." Because "quarantining west Africa would be racist." Hmm. A second hospital worker has ebola, and NBC's Nancy Snyderman wasn't quarantined. I don't believe anything the government is saying about our safety in this.
  • Steve Sailer: How about a National Immigration Safety Board? Why ebola in America, the Boston Marathon bombers, and of course 9/11?
  • Today's immigrants are revolutionizing the way we experience disease — again. Hard to come to terms with because you have to balance freedom to travel with the host country's common good, and Catholicism is largely an immigrant faith in Protestant America. (There was a colonial English Catholicism in America, going back to the Calverts, Lord Baltimore — I know nothing about it; it was swamped by Irish and Italian immigrant Catholicism, which they resented and which really created the American church and imprinted American culture, from Going My Way to Philly: "What parish are youse from?")
  • The Synod of Bishops is falling apart. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of folks, including the current Pope, who is beginning to strike me as a weird amalgam of Machiavelli and Mr. Magoo. Good thing the church is indefectible. Regarding renting out the Sistine Chapel to a Porsche gala concert: Sadly, Francis is descending into Obama levels of self-parody now.
  • Benedict abdicated, partly setting us back. But it's not nearly as bad as under Paul VI and John Paul II. My guess is we're blessed that Francis just doesn't care about liturgy either way, so we still have Benedict's reformed English Novus Ordo, fixing all the serious problems, as well as Summorum Pontificum. We need another Benedict who'll stick around for 20 years, finishing what he started.
  • Summing up: everything Catholics need to know on this subject. The Eastern "Orthodox," though in schism, I think still have apostolic succession and valid sacraments. Though my knowledge is limited on the subject. Christopher Ferrara even mentioned via The Remnant TV that they are allowed up to two or even three re-marriages. Depending upon the situation. Right; they have the Mass because they have real bishops, because none of their defined doctrine (vs. opinion and practice) is heretical. They ordain the married, which is fine, and in their homelands have monks and nuns. They are estranged Catholics who vehemently deny being Catholic. And yes, they're allowed two church divorces (neither civil divorces nor annulments) and remarriages. And they accept contraception. Beneath their Anglicanish credal orthodoxy and their liturgy and folk religion that still resemble us traditionalists, intellectually there's little there. A lot of it is folklore plus ethnocentrism/nationalism.
  • A screw-up son of Joe Biden managed to get a Navy Reserve (formerly Naval Reserve) officer's direct commission (no officer school) — in PR? — despite being overage (he's 44), and managed to get kicked out because of cocaine. The Bidens: Bad Catholics, the Kennedys minus the gangster money to pay for the PR machine (veneer of class).

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  1. My guess is, like most of the Kennedy boys during World War II (though they were likely sincere), Hunter Biden wants to run for office so he was going for centrist/relatively conservative appeal (vs. the modern image of Democrats as weak hippies), polishing his résumé by putting military service on it. Enough pull to waive the rules to get him in, but no gangster money to buy him out of his mess -> backfire. Remember when the left picked on George W. Bush for his lackluster Air National Guard officer service during the draft and Vietnam War?


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