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  • Rupture. If you click only one link in this post, make it this one. From Opus Publicum, Bishop Fellay: "Cardinal Kasper’s proposals in favor of Communion for divorced-and-remarried persons are an illustration of what we blame on the Council. In the talk that he gave to the cardinals during the Consistory on February 20th of this year, he proposed doing again what was done at the Council, namely: reaffirming Catholic doctrine while offering pastoral overtures." ... It is not enough to comfort ourselves with pleasant statements like “infallible doctrine cannot be changed” or “dogmas will be left untouched.” Both claims are of course true. However, what is to be done with the fact that an increasing number of Catholics do believe, in all sincerity, that a shift in praxis in the name of the pastoral means a shift in doctrine?
  • From Roissy:
  • The Web is about LINKS!
  • From Ex-Army: If we want a libertarian country, we do not want mass immigration from the most anti-libertarian parts of the globe.
  • The Synod on the Family:
    • So far: sound and fury whipped up by the media, signifying nothing. "Proposals" from outsiders to change our doctrine.
    • Italian, not Latin. It would make sense to use English but Latin is both an international second language and a template for the historical record since unlike English it doesn't change. It makes sense when you realize that the Pope can't speak English, but he can (kind of) speak Italian, which is far closer to his native Spanish dialect. Most of the clergy don't have a functional understanding of Latin anymore, that went out the window even before Vatican 2 was over (hence St. John23 writing to remind clergy that they had to know Latin). I would prefer for everything to be in Latin as well, but right now, with this Pope, that ain't gonna happen. Italian is the best that was going to happen, in part because of his own linguistic deficits (he really only speaks Spanish fluently).
  • The question I don't know the answer to really is CAN a Pope try to change our teachings? Meaning is it even possible? He can't really do it of course, but can he try? My guess is it would vacate the See of Peter. (Cf. St. Robert Bellarmine.) Popes like anyone have free will; the office is infallible, not the man. And no, if it came to pass, it wouldn't mean immemorial Catholic teaching on divorce and remarriage is wrong, Western Catholicism's been a fraud for about 1,000 years, and the Greeks and Russians were right all along. Because like Benedict XVI at Regensburg, my God is rational. Likely scenarios: Lots of "compassionate" rhetoric but no change. Or annulments get a lot easier. Or what The Remnant has suggested, a hypocritical arrangement in which the doctrine is upheld but no longer enforced "for pastoral reasons" (Orthodox rhetoric). If the last happens, we would be at Defcon 2.
  • From Ad Orientem: The Justice Department is preparing a fresh round of attacks on the world’s biggest banks, again questioning Wall Street’s role in a broad array of financial markets. With evidence mounting that a number of foreign and American banks colluded to alter the price of foreign currencies, the largest and least regulated financial market, prosecutors are aiming to file charges against at least one bank by the end of the year, according to interviews with lawyers briefed on the matter. Ultimately, several banks are expected to plead guilty. "I am willing to bet a steak dinner that no one will go to jail. Any takers? "


  1. I've seen at Fish Eaters and Suscipedomine.com that some Roman Catholic traditionalists say they will go Orthodox if Pope Francis rubber stamps Kasper's proposal to allow divorced and remarried Catholics Holy Communion. It makes absolutely no sense for a trad to go Orthodox, since they have been allowing divorce and remarriage for centuries by invoking their BS concept of economia. Orthodox priests really don't even care if their parishioners contracept to their heart's desire. If the Pope does fully align with Kasper at the synod, I will go to the SSPX, which is the only logical choice at that point. I'm pretty much halfway there as it is.


    1. Exactly. Outrage about Communion for divorced and remarried -> joining a church that does it ≠ sense.

      Thanks for telling me about Suscipe Domine.

  2. One one hand I am surprised that some Fish Eaters would consider swimming the Bosphrus, and yet I'm not. I could easily see how some could be taken with Orthodoxy. For those Fishies who have little experience with Orthodoxy it can look very good indeed. They see in Orthodoxy what their Church was prior to Vatican II. Traditional Liturgy, traditional kalendar, fasting, traditional prayers, clergy and religious properly vested and in cassocks, habits, &c. Doctrinally it looks very solid. They also see that while the Orthodox permit a second marriage it is for the reason of adultery only, at least officially (in practice other reasons often get approved as well). The reality on the ground however is very different (at least in many cases, not all though). I should know, as like John I have been there. I returned to the Roman Catholic Church (ala Traditional Mass) a few months before the sad leave taking and abdication of Pope Benedict. I loved Pope Benedict, but I am NOT a fan of Pope Francis. It's "Paul VI's Vatican II Hour" all over again. Had enough and about to change the channel to "Econe 1". I am so thankful there is a local SSPX chapel where the light of tradition is still burning!

    1. I'd think that, with some basic investigation, learning that the Orthodox agree with libcaths on Communion for the divorced and remarried and on contraception would scare most trads off. Like my and others' impression from reading Ware's The Orthodox Church: underneath a basic Anglicanish credal small-o orthodoxy, and underneath the liturgy and folk religion that still resemble us, intellectually there's nothing there.

      But people often aren't logical, so "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" spite happens. 100 years ago a Russian Old Believer priest and congregation, among the Orthodox' biggest xenophobes and zealots, furious at the official Russian Church for minor liturgical changes centuries ago, ended up becoming... Catholic.

      There's also the legitimate Greek Catholic option for Roman Riters, either in latinized or unlatinized Orthodox-style forms. Great to have while it lasts in America, which I think it won't in the long run simply because of natural assimilation.

      It's "Paul VI's Vatican II Hour" all over again.

      Almost. See my Catholic Defcons. Right now we're at Defcon 3, like in the '80s but a lot better because of the "new new Mass" in English, which is 100% Catholic. The SSPX is my Defcon 2 option; I won't leave the official church just because I don't like the parishes' ceremonial. It has to be for a serious reason: their reverting to the earlier English paraphrase of the new Mass and adopting a policy of no longer enforcing church teaching on divorce and remarriage, for example. Don't leave the church for a cult with its trappings, be it trad or Eastern. If the devil can't get you with illicit sex or money (to buy sex), there's always spiritual pride.

    2. John, I agree with you in regard the Orthodox vis a vis marriage/divorce and contraception. Thankfully my Orthodox priest was solid on the contraception issue, but that was an exception not the norm. Orthodoxy had many great qualities but too many ambiguities and inconsistencies (economia writ large... thus the exception often became the rule). I left after 13 years there. There is a Byzantine Rite parish not far from where I live should I get a "jones" for the Byzantine.

      I should clarify I haven't jumped to Econe as of yet. That won't happen unless as you say we arrive at DEFCON 2.

      Whilst I don't deny the validity of the Novus Ordo, I literally get sick (as did the late Michael Davies) when stuck attending one. Holding hands (or literally having your hand grabbed... it happened to me) during the Pater Noster, or receiving communion from a layman (usually woman) who makes it clear she doesn't like giving on the tongue... add to that a Fr. Bob type who likes to walk the aisles and shout when giving the sermon.... wish they had the little white bags in the pews next to "We Gather" and the missalettes. At least "Glory & Praise" seems to have disappeared at most parishes, around here.

      I won't leave the official church, but I'll likely need a dose or two of Phenergan should I end up solely with the Novus Ordo*. I pray that never happens.

      * The one exception is at the parish I attend for the Traditional Mass. They offer the Novus Ordo in the style of Pope Benedict or the Brompton Oratory. White gloved altar boys, incense, Gregorian chant for some parts of the mass, and traditional hymns. Sometimes ad orientem. The parish also offers Mass and Evensong for the Ordinariate as well.

  3. My understanding (possibly incorrect) was that the Pope could indeed vacate the office by notorious public preaching of formal heresy, but that formal recognition of his status as a non-Pope would have to come from a declaration of the vast majority of the world's bishops in concert, speaking as the voice of the universal Magisterium- i.e. layman Joe Pewsitter doesn't have the right to unilaterally decide that the See of Peter is vacant, based on his own personal interpretation of the Pope's words or actions, even if these appear outright heretical. I imagine in practice this would be much murkier and more confusing. In retrospect, for example, it's not hard to determine a clear line of true Popes (the Roman one) during the Western Schism of 1378-1418, but at the time, lots of sincere Catholics were unsure who had the valid claim.


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