Saturday, October 04, 2014

St. Francis and more

  • Francis facts. Today's the feast of one of Christendom's most beloved figures, someone who makes Protestants a bit wistful about us, of course a good thing. (Come home.) And entirely consistent with the real man; he wasn't a hippie ecumenist at all. Originally he wanted his Friars Minor to go in harm's way, getting in the Muslims' faces to try to convert them; also, yes, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, preaching to the birds, and his friend the Wolf of Gubbio (so hooray for blessing our dog and cat friends this weekend), but he was zealous for our holy mother, the church, including the Pope. (So naming a Protestant church after him makes as much sense as naming one for St. Ignatius Loyola or for another big-hearted Italian, St. Pius X.) His name was Giovanni Bernardone, Francesco ("Frenchman") a nickname that became his name in religion. He wasn't a priest; he was a deacon. The original color of his habit was gray. Then there's the story of San Damiano: the crucifix said to him, "Build my church." He bore Christ's wounds as did confrere St. Pius of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio) centuries later. Friars are medieval, halfway between monks (community and office) and active ministries "in the world" after Trent. One such order runs my parish. Buona festa.
  • A good word for Low Mass. It's not the norm in the Roman Rite; High Mass is. But it's tremendously popular because most people aren't that religious. Plus for 40+ years it's been a mainstay of orthodox Catholics soldiering on in the official church's adverse conditions. The earliest, lowest Novus Ordo on Sunday morning. No funny business including attempts at music; "just read it from the book, Father." And now, with the changes in English ordered by Pope Benedict, unequivocally Catholic wherever you go. Also, including 50 years ago with our Mass, it's great to get your obligation out of the way so you have your whole Sunday free (see above about not being particularly pious).
    — Steve, I like that Mass — it cuts down on the hand-holding.
    — J., I call it the "Bless you all, now get the hell out of here" Mass. No singing, no music. Just meat, no fat or trimmings.
    — I'm all for fat and trimmings when it's Latin and Gregorian chant, but if the other alternative is a guitar Mass, give me short and simple.
    Right after Summorum Pontificum started, Sept. 14, 2007, my parish made the early Sunday slot Tridentine, having been doing Reform of the Reform high-church Novus, eastward-facing with maniple and biretta, for the mid-morning Sung Mass for some time. Now the Sung Mass is Tridentine; I only wish the Novus Masses, such as the early Low-ish one I go to on flea-market and classic-car-show Sundays, were eastward-facing. Still, it's a huge improvement over only a few years ago. Why he's Benedict the Great.
  • When a girl gets taken advantage of, liberals cry rape, pseudo-cons shrug shoulders. A pox-on-both-your-houses post, or like with Modernism and fundamentalism, both the movement and its reaction are wrong. Political correctness is ridiculous but that doesn't dismiss or greenlight racism or abusing women, for example, and that doesn't necessarily mean playing into the left's frame. The left is a Christian heresy; rather, let's reclaim decency for Christ and the church.
  • Michelle Angelina reports: In Germany civil marriages have 7-year expiration dates. You actually have to renew your marriage after 7 years. A reason Western civilization is falling apart, if this is true. Accepting homosexuality is actually a late-stage symptom; we did ourselves in when we had the state redefine marriage from procreation (so it's about society's good, a legitimate purpose of the government) to how the couple feels: contraception and, as here, no-fault divorce. As opponents Roissy and Bob Wallace agree, a hedonistic society is a return to the jungle. Think Warren Jeffs: a few of the men get most of the women (harems in fact or in practice) so more people are unhappy and society suffers. ("Do your own thing" -> "just die already.") Most women want to be wives and mothers; the rat race sucks. They do what feminism tells them and wonder why they're alone and unhappy (cat-lady spinsters once their looks hit the wall). Civilization, such as America 50 years ago: more eudaimonia for all, including the plain Janes and average provider Joes.
  • Semper fi: a website for a private charity for U.S. Marines, most of whose text I wrote. Like my Navy/Marine flight jacket, a tribute. Thank you for your service, and may you be restored to your true mission of actually defending America.
  • I don't believe the government's dismissal of the Ebola danger now that a Liberian has brought it here. Good Lord, deliver us.

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  1. The only Novus Ordo Masses I can tolerate in my diocese are the "low" ones without music. I can't stand the espouse hymns at the NO, so it is nice just hearing the text of the Mass. Thank God I have the Sunday TLM almost every week only 15 minutes from home. Sometimes it does get cancelled because the pastor can't get a priest to cover it. The rare Sunday it is cancelled, I go to the closest Ukrainian Catholic, again in reasonable driving distance, 25 minutes from me. The self-important OICWR crowd wouldn't like that parish because it is a little latinized, but I like the mix. I also like unlatinized Greek Catholic parishes such as St Michael Russian Catholic as well.



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