Thursday, October 16, 2014

Synod links

  • Evidence emerges of an engineered Synod. "When a publication as bland as the National Catholic Register publishes an article of this sort, the idea behind it must indeed be getting traction."
  • In these strange times. Some are taking this Synod as a reason for despair. To a certain degree I don’t blame them, but only because they have been spoonfed the nonsensical neo-Catholic narrative that “everything is fine” in the Church today and that no matter what, so long as there is a pope in Rome, nothing bad will ever happen to their fortress faith — one secured mightily from the onslaughts of empirical reality. Now the neo-Catholic narrative is crumbling and conservative Catholics have a difficult choice to make: Do they continue on with the narrative, adjusting it to make room for “the pastoral on steroids,” or do they admit, with some embarrassment and a great deal of worry, that the narrative was false all along? In other words, is this the moment when the conservatives realize that the traditionalists had the better read on the past five decades all along?
  • Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Bishop revolt! I was speaking to a convert recently who said, 'this isn't the Church I joined'. I had to tell her she was wrong. This is the Church as it has always been; the only difference is that for the first time in her history the Pope has allowed himself to be seen to be on the side of those who wish to dismantle everything we have known to be true.


  1. I think those of a trad bent have a golden opportunity, provided they do it right.

    Some are doing the "I can't understand why anyone would convert to the Church today" schtick, and that won't help. The "conservative" view of the pope was wrong, but it wasn't unreasonable, especially given that most of these who say it only lived during two pontificates who were either good or above average. Even "bad' popes like Paul VI at least took some pretty heroic stances against the world and had lines they refused to cross.

    We just have to present a better alternative. The Pope exists as a sign of visible communion between the Churches, and for Romans, with each other. He can be a good pope or a bad pope, but he isn't the source of our faith. We have tradition. We have the liturgy. We have the sacraments.

    Perhaps this will help trads realize that maybe the whole Imperial papacy caricature they've advocated from time to time probably wasn't very helpful, and we can now have a more realistic understanding of the papacy, once we've had that imperial papacy generally making a mess and running roughshod over that which many hold dear.

    1. Except the trads weren't the ones almost worshipping the Pope's person. Those were the Novus Ordo neocons, "defending tradition since 1970." The kind who watched EWTN, went to Steubenville, and told people like me in the '80s to dump all that artsy-fartsy old-fashioned stuff and become a charismatic.


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