Monday, October 06, 2014

The faith: three from Gabriel Sanchez

  • Enforcing sacrilege: what the official church will look like if Cardinal Kasper gets his way. According to this, we would be at Defcon 2 (the official church's skunked in practice; run to the SSPX), not 1 (the see of Peter becomes vacant during Francis' reign). No one is suggesting changing doctrine, so just forget about that. What they're suggesting is much, much more insidious. A change of practice, universally and formally, and just disregarding doctrine. Good old "economy." Oh, boy.
  • One of the attractions of Roman Catholicism for converts is that it provided something like “philosophical certainty” in a radically uncertain world. Which its detractors think is beneath them. Those pursuing “philosophical certainty” within her walls are bound to come up disappointed unless they have the intelligence and drive to tether themselves to an orientation of Catholic thinking which is today considered to be “old hat.” In many respects, Orthodoxy, whether it intends to or not, merely reaffirms the popular fideism which runs through large currents of conservative American Christianity. I should not fret because regardless of what happens, it will still be the Church. Or, I should say, there will still be a Church. I actually know nothing of the future of this “it” of which I speak. That “it,” the idolatrous “it” which confines the Church to a place and an appearance, strikes me as a very frail foundation. However, I have to remind myself constantly that for some, perhaps for many, it is the only foundation they have left. No, the Church is not now nor shall ever be “invisible”; that’s a heresy and a lie. A visible Church, however, is not made “more true” or “more right” by the trappings which attend to that visibility. There is much, much more which could be said about what is eternal and why that must remain visible as well.
  • Meanwhile at my Defcon 2 destination, 51 new seminarians worldwide as the order builds a big seminary in Virginia. While in the official church, the Vincentians' old, big, beautiful 1938 seminary, Mary Immaculate, sits empty, no longer used by my archdiocese, which is trying to sell it, as it is the baroque concrete buildings of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary's old college division on City Avenue. How's that renewal working out for youse?

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