Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The great Catholic cave-in that wasn't

  • George Weigel: The great Catholic cave-in that wasn't.
  • Fr. Longenecker:
    • As a former Anglican I distrust church synods... a democratically minded, man-made institution.
    • Sin and the Synod. It fails to impress not because of its supposed “radical shift in the Vatican approach…” but because there hasn’t been a radical shift. The vague, wishy-washy language is simply more of the same... A synod like this is not going to change doctrine or discipline. They are all going to paddle about in the shallows, publish some stuff about being nice to everyone, make a few headlines and then tootle off home.
  • You wouldn't know it from the mainstream news coverage. It assumes a Protestant denomination changeable by political pressure: Under conservative assault, Vatican backtracks on gay comments.
  • Saw CNN today: Ashleigh Banfield doing her sexy-librarian schtick, eh? With a big background picture of a rainbow flag superimposed over St. Peter's. You don't have to be St. Thomas Aquinas to get the drift.
  • OK, I have to ask: if this synod results in Rome adopting the practice of economia on divorce/remarriage, will you stop condemning the Orthodox for doing so? I mean, at least the Orthodox have been practicing it officially since no later that the 6th century. I know it's only fair to wait until the synod concludes, but so far it's not looking good for the sodomite issue. No. So you'll condemn both churches? There is only one church, even if our own churchmen fail it. You didn't answer my question, but fine. Don't answer it. "Thou shalt commit adultery when it's pastorally prudent." #thingsjesusneversaid


  1. "the Orthodox have been practicing it officially since no later that the 6th century"

    Evidence, please. "Officially" only since 920 (the "Tome of Union" which ended the local schism occasioned by Emperor Leo IV's fourth marriage). Cf.:


    1. Evidence, schmevidence! We are the Combox Convertodox. We don't need no stinkin' evidence.


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