Thursday, October 09, 2014

The manosphere's deep conservatism, and the Hunwicke test for diagnosing clever but shoddy dodges

  • Book review: a woman visits the manosphere and finds the wisdom of the classical Greeks and Romans.
  • Fr. Hunwicke: One gathers ... as we grandly say in England ... that brilliant ways are being mooted in Synodo for squaring the circle: formally maintaining Catholic sexual morality while letting people off the hook of having to try, with the help of grace, to adhere it. (There was a time when English Protestants claimed that 'Subtle Jesuits' could 'prove that Black was White'.) One of these Brilliant Ways is Graduality or Gradualism. Another is the old Liberal Protestant trick of talking about morality as an ideal rather than as a casuistic. Another, that we must be more polite about people in certain situations and not call them Hurtful Names. The Hunwicke test for diagnosing clever but shoddy dodges is threefold: (1) Can you square it with the Sermon on the Mount and the ethical teaching of S. Paul? (2) Can you square it with the Lord's parables and teaching about 'we do not know the Day or the Hour'? (3) Does it apply to murderers and pedophiles?
  • Ebola victimology.
  • From Bob Wallace:

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