Thursday, October 09, 2014

The marrying kind of seminarian, etc.

This link earlier today:
St. Tikhon's: new effort underway to get more female students. Uhhhhh, why?
Set off this conversation on Facebook.
Thomas: Why? Because it's hard to find a wife as a seminarian at St. T's.
I thought of that. Well, traditionally, ideally, that took care of itself. There were plenty of cute girls to choose from in your Slavic neighborhood, at your high school back home in Minersville or Coaldale, and/or in your onion-domed church you were born into. Guess that social scene is dead, like the steel, mining, and factory jobs, plus the boys they get now are all converts who didn't marry young. Same social problems as in the larger culture. Obviously you're not going to find a girl AT seminary and in the middle of nowhere at St. T's. Plus: some know-it-all chick with an M.Div. will have a hard time finding a husband, since men are more likely to want sweet secretaries or something, and the girl won't be attracted to the jellyfish nerd sems who ask her out. Like other "career women," priced/tested out of the dating pool.
Thomas: I'm not sure if the seminaries attract many nerdy female M.Div types, but they do sometimes attract girls interested in finding a priest to marry. Of course, this is where Holy Cross has a distinct advantage, because of the presence of an undergrad program on campus.
And it's in greater Boston, so you've got girls at the local Greek parishes and cute college co-eds to choose from.

Also, ambitious girls may have wanted to be married to priests back home in Slovakia and Greece 100 years ago; now, not so much. Can't get out of the rat race that way, like they can by marrying doctors or lawyers. They end up having to stay at jobs to support the family. Pious girls who want to be priests' wives? Sometimes, as you say, Thomas. But both pious and otherwise attractive? Bet it's rare.

Shrewish girl with M.Div. becoming professional priest's wife + desperate sem = I can't see that coming to a good end.
Thomas: Pious and attractive - rare indeed, but they're out there.
James: OK, a cynical father's observations with a son in his 20s. So many of the young women in my son's age group are frankly SLUTS. OK, not saying the guys are much better. But who wants to bring a slut home to meet mom and dad? I also have a daughter in her 20s, younger than my son. She's facing the analogous problem as my son.
Well, yes; the manosphere's point. It's not just that so many men are wimps (made worse by feminist teaching domesticating them, causing a vicious circle with bored girls ignoring or dumping them) but that the same liberal poison has made many girls undesirable or unsuitable as wives. 50 years ago those girls in their 20s would be married and mothers by now; now society tells them to have lots of contracepted sex with caddish strangers (ride the carousel till your looks hit the wall; then settle for some sap you don't love before your ovaries dry up). Such aren't likely to be seminary geeks, though, as Thomas says. But feminism's made its inroads into conservative Christianity, the point of the blog post and of whisteblowers like Sunshine Mary (hounded out of blogging), as the case of Leif and Jenny Erikson shows (couple including "conservative mommy blogger" who joined a conservative Protestant church, but the bored wife still dumped him). Hence the girl M.Divs. among the Orthodox.

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