Thursday, October 30, 2014

The situation in the Catholic Church summed up, and about Eastern Catholics and Orthodox

  • The situation in the Catholic Church summed up, from one of the Anti-Gnostic's commenters:
    Depends on how long we can stave off a schism. The modernists are getting OLD, and they know it. The number of under-35 progressives who actually take the Catholic Church seriously enough to want to staff its institutions is pretty negligible. Of course, the modernists still hold a lot of power — enough to elect a friendly Pope and run the Vatican machinery — and if the cold wind of death prompts them to make a suicidal banzai charge, they could easily detonate most of the institutional Church in Europe, and big chunks of it elsewhere. Their situation is roughly analogous to that of Soviet leadership around 1979 or so — superficially strong, but well aware that their days are numbered, which makes them particularly dangerous.
  • The Pope declares there is no conflict between evolution, the Big Bang theory, and Catholicism... in 1951. Never fazed me; the media are ignorant. Still anti-Catholic, plus as they become worse educated with mainstream society, when they hear "Christian," they think "fundamentalist." We CAN believe in a young earth or six-day creation but don't have to! Derek Olsen quotes St. Augustine: It is enough for the Christian to believe that the only cause of all created things, whether heavenly or earthly, whether visible or invisible, is the goodness of the Creator, the one true God. So I've believed since high school and have never looked back. There are different theories of evolution, and they are ONLY theories, such as theistic (the universe has a beginning; a prime mover logically must exist; God intervened and gave man a soul "made in his image") vs. random chaos.
  • Ruthenian renaissance. The Ukraine's best-kept secret since it doesn't fit the Western liberal narrative (which wants to turn the Ukraine into secularist Czechia). Greek Catholicism as seen by EWTN via the National Catholic REGISTER. In Catholic Defcon 1 (real persecution, as in Iraq), the Ukraine is our model: a whole 20th-century, partly urban traditional Catholic church went underground. (Is acting Metropolitan Volodymyr being considered for canonization? Maybe he should be.)
  • The two sides of Orthodoxy, as heard through Fr. Arsenie (Papacioc) in Romania. "The kinds of temptation" and against ecumenism. In its positive statements, "this ancient and vast tradition is entirely Catholic" as revert Archimandrite Serge (Keleher) wrote, and of course the good elder mirrors our true-church claim. Their hardliners, as I imagine he is (the first clip is from the convert ’zine turned site Death to the World), are wrong about their ecumenists. "Ecumenist" is a fight-picking insult in their church, partly because they hate and fear us so much (they exist as a separate church to hate us, because the sultans, tsars, and Communists wanted it that way). So anybody who adopts the Gregorian calendar, recognizes our sacraments (only speculation to them, never doctrine), and talks to us is suspect. Wrong: I figured this out when I figured out our few quisling "Orthodox in communion with Rome" convert Greek Catholics. The ecumenists do NOT want to come back to us. No, they want to persuade US to dump our doctrine, then ask the Orthodox to receive us economically in our orders. By the way, you've got to love the irony of someone preaching anti-Westernism with Da Vinci's Last Supper in the background.
  • Regarding Death to the World, "why don't we traditionalists do something like that?" Because we don't need to (time's on our side; the few remaining practicing Catholic kids are conservative) and it's a gimmick (gotten from evangelicalism, not a bad thing per se) that wouldn't work anyway. The Orthodox convert mini-fad has burned out; Owen White's point a few years ago. I've read all 1,000-plus pages of Not of This World; Fr. Seraphim (Rose) made very good Guénon traditionalist points against modernity, just like our best trads, but everything he said, Chesterton said better 80 years ago, more humorously and without the dangers of schism and what Christian Order warns against (see below). It's Rome or the abyss: if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem, even if you're conservative and high-church as they are.
  • Eastern Orthodoxy unveiled. From Christian Order. Most of us are not prepared to consider that Orthodoxy is something radically different, and even opposed, to Catholicism. A man claiming to be a Catholic apologist sounds like their hardliners. Sed contra, see Fr. Serge above. There are many schools of theology and spirituality in the church, only agreeing on doctrine. The rest is the university, the debating society. We don't want to mirror the Orthodox' worst apologists, who try so hard to deny they're really Catholic they accept anything anti-, so they end up sounding Pelagian about original sin, maybe pantheist as this accuses, universalist (apocatastatist) about purgatory and hell (if you pray for the dead, as they assiduously do, an intermediate state is only logical; anything else would violate free will, but logic's not their strength), and Lutheran about the Eucharist; also, thinking the modern Protestant lies about contraception, divorce, and remarriage are the true patristic faith because they're anti-Roman. (Liberal Orthodoxy: ripoff of French ressourcement Catholics; conservative: ripoff of Thomism.) So this article may well be a screed but it makes me think. At the very least you get a muzzled church harmless to the state and status quo, historically exactly what they were and their real appeal to escapist surrender monkey Rod Dreher. Orthodoxy = Catholicism - 20 IQ points + ethnocentrism/caesaropapism/Erastianism -> in America, ethnic clubs for the elderly.

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