Monday, October 20, 2014

Trivializing depression, on what your glasses frames say about you, and more

  • Trivializing depression as a scheme to disempower the masses.
  • Wide-open eyeglasses: why aren't more kids wearing them ironically? They're inviting in a personal, feminine way. To perfect Superman's wimp disguise, the movie producers had Christopher Reeve wear girly frames. Then again of course I think narrow and old frames are cute on girls too. A thought, just now, probably not new: might the modern piercings and studs (nose rings, etc.) be deliberately off-putting as a display of power?
  • Subpoenaing church sermons. In case you weren't sure that "freedom to marry" really means "the state forcing you to say the same sex can marry." I wonder how long before even the pretense of the republic is out the window.
  • Joel Osteen. "Houston wants to review the content of my sermons; LOL, what content?" Like Norman Vincent Peale and Robert Schuller ('50s mainline optimism), he's pretty good as far as he goes (sure, stop self-defeating thinking) but it's not good enough. What about redemptive suffering, the way of the cross, not to be confused with masochism — M. Scott Peck's point? What about the martyrs? Lacking in Osteen's theology as far as I know. So, yeah, he's more of a self-help guy/motivational speaker/pop psychologist than a real minister. The snobs are having a field day making fun of him: he has no theological training (a career media guy; that and his good looks and Southern charm make him very good at it) and how dare he show the rubes how to empower themselves? A stopped clock is right twice a day; I'm sure the man helps a lot of people, hence his success.


  1. Two things about the "wide open" glasses:
    1. they're still recent enough for some hipsters to remember their grandparents wearing them long after they were declared passe' - sort of a corollary to wearing mid-century frames like yours twenty-five or thirty years ago;
    2. a young woman at my workplace wears big glasses - though they're not so big as those in the second pic above - they really do help to soften her facial features;
    3. I have worn eyeglasses since the mid-seventies and would like to change out to a pince-nez.

    1. After reading the blogger agnostic's answer, I realize I like some mid-century frames better on girls; no surprise. Elliptical and cat-eye shapes are narrow AND curvy so they're mature-looking thus sexy. While wide-open glasses can help a girl by softening her appearance, they are often infantilizing.


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