Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Vintage in New Jersey

Dream car: '60 Pontiac Star Chief, Haddon Farmers Market (formerly the Black Horse Pike Drive-In), on the outskirts of Camden.

Space age: Mass at St. Vincent Pallotti, Haddonfield, a recently merged parish with St. Aloysius, St. Joseph the Worker (how's that "renewal" working out for youse?): 1963 building, extreme angles and four confessionals, a few not used; ultra-modern but built for the old religion, a thriving church that self-destructed just a few years later. Still lots of Catholics in South Jersey, though; very Italian. But what's interesting is the slow turnaround is under way. Benedict the Great's reformed text means we've won, only the guitar and Eucharistic-minister brigade, in evidence at this parish, doesn't know it yet. You've got '70s guitar stuff AND reform of the reform, duking it out in the same place. Charismatics do the orans position at the Our Father; welcome! Priest wears a fiddleback and uses a burse and chalice veil, and there was a beautiful organ postlude just like at my parish.

I think the only way people could understand the former English paraphrase of the Novus Ordo in a Catholic way was if you knew the old Mass and/or the new one in Latin. Most older Catholics just ignored the paraphrase since they “knew” the Mass isn’t really in English; that’s why Catholics aren’t attached to English translations/paraphrases. The young were clueless until the conservative turnaround started around 25 years ago.

Benedict was “the Great” because he fixed the new Mass in English so the English now matches the Latin. No heresy, no conscience problem; we won. I came back to the church three weeks after he did it (long time in the making but circumstances allowed it, right then). I can go to Mass anywhere in the country even if I don’t like the ceremonial (that’s on them, not me).

By the way, Eucharistic Prayer II, the express-line canon, reminds me of the Lutheran liturgy with only the Verba for the consecration.

You wouldn't know it, but as my friend Karl says, St. Anthony was the Billy Graham of his day.

The Pop Shop, Collingswood, NJ: pretty good retro made up of real things rescued from other places, with a modern gourmet burger menu. Best times to go are outside the lunch and dinner rushes, which are when it becomes a loud kiddieland.

Dig It, Collingswood.

Nigra sum sed formosa: S. Maria Sacratissimi Tindaris.

"I am black but comely," Song of Solomon 1:5, part of an antiphon in the office for the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Memorare in Italian:
Orazione di San Bernardo

Ricordatevi, o piisima Vergine Immacolata Maria, non essersi mai udito che sia stato abbandonato chi ha ricorso a voi, implorato il vostro aiuto chiesto il vostro soccorso.

Io animato di tale confidenza o Madre Vergine delle Vergini a voi ricorro a voi vengo. Innanzi a voi peccatore contrite mi prostro: non vogliate o Madre dei Verbo, sdegnare le mie preghiere, ma ascoltatemi propizia ed esauditemi cosi sia.

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