Tuesday, October 07, 2014

What the mainline needs, according to itself: more affirmative action

From MCJ:
Guess which profession Katharine Jefferts Schori thinks is in desperate need of an affirmative action program. Here’s a hint: one of the job requirements is that you have to wear a pointy hat once a week or so.
Oh, right, egalitarianism, the perverting of the Christian values of fair play and charity. So “a 50/50 sex or racial quota for bishops (firemen, generals, et al.) would make better bishops (and so on) because… well, BECAUSE, OK?”

Talk about a bad winner. Bishop Schori’s side WON and she’s still bitching.

Memo to Bishop Schori: Catholics, evangelicals, and the American mainstream you want so desperately to like you think your church is a joke. (“Do you hold the chalice with the pinky up or down?”) The only reason the media pay any attention to it is when they want to spite us, since you superficially resemble us (mitres, etc.).

Regarding the whipped, women don’t dig male feminists, charmless guys so desperate for some that they forgot or never learned that women don’t lust for men they don’t respect, and they don’t respect men who don’t stand up to them. (Respect and power in men do for women what a pretty face, a healthy bustline, and a nice hip-to-waist ratio do to men.) Cf. Emma Watson (now that British men are domesticated, she’s bored, poor dear) and Leif Erikson (conservative Christian eatpraydumped by his bored “conservative mommy blogger” wife, Jenny).

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  1. From what I've seen, radical feminists just see these male feminist types as useful idiots. They don't date them and don't respect them.


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