Thursday, October 09, 2014

"Which Christian denomination should you actually be a part of?"

  • Fulfilled: Good Shepherd Jr. is Catholic. The Blessed John Henry Newman Fellowship now has Mass at the Main Line's Italian national parish, Our Lady of the Assumption. About Good Shepherd. We've both been on a long journey since we met 29 years ago (my first refuge from the libcaths at Villanova, literally a walk away from campus) and have both ended up in the church. Here was the first Anglo-Catholic priest I knew well, Fr. Warren Soule, now long a Dominican. Update: They're meeting for Mass but will be received into the church Nov. 2.
  • Incidentally, today in 1845 Newman was received into the church. I've been in the room at Littlemore where it happened. Great man, misunderstood: too Catholic and conservative for the Protestants; too liberal for some other Catholics.
  • One of those online denominational tests. You should actually be Eastern Orthodox! You're very spiritual with a true love for all things traditional. You even have a bit of a mystical side to you! You're attracted to elaborate liturgies and ancient customs that make you feel closer to God. You would rather find meaning in the ancient than worry about creating something new. These tests are pretty easy to figure out to get the answer you want. Because I deliberately include the East (married priests, for example), ironically Orthodox often edges out Catholic. In this case I got that because my answer on church authority was more nuanced than the test's. "Church is organized, bishops are the successors to the apostles"... including the Pope.

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