Friday, October 10, 2014

"Why do so many liberals despise Christianity?" and more

  • Why do so many liberals despise Christianity? Conservative self-pity jags are common but this is true. Because they're Protestantism's bastard spawn, a Christian heresy that's a rival true church. (Knock charity, humility, justice, and peace off their foundation and by George, you've got it. Then hopefully you find out that's not how the real world, God's natural order, works, even in mainstream society. Don't listen; watch.) Scratch a SWPL and you get Cromwell; same Calvinism.
  • RIP Thomas Duncan. Are some people saying he infected America deliberately? The news story seems to be of someone well-meaning but disastrously (for him and us) ignorant (but how can you be when you live in a country where Ebola's been rampant for some years?), common in sub-Saharan Africa: he helped a sick woman in a taxi so he unknowingly caught the disease.
  • From Takimag:
    • Ebola facts. I don't believe anything the government's saying about the non-danger or its measures to keep us safe but this article is consoling.
    • Bad Book Week.
  • Quarantine rule in Connecticut. Or maybe this sh*t's about to get real.
  • America's ugliest accents. Sound or class? These days, class in America means the SWPL elite, speaking newscaster (our RP), and their black and foreign pets (leapfrogging loyalty: exoticism, pawns/human shields, and a helot class to do their dirty work) vs. the prole whites in flyover country (poorer conservatives; rednecks and what's left of Archie Bunker working-class Englishes — most casual viewers thought he was Catholic). But poor city whites are often 100% on board with the SWPL program; the elite really hate the rich (thus powerful) Hutu whites (who often speak Southern — Rockefeller Republican George W. Bush's public image, which they spat on for eight years).
  • Children should be taken to museums — I always remember with joy my beloved father showing me the Rosetta stone and the National Portrait Gallery was my childhood favourite — but they should not adapt to children. Being child-friendly means in effect coming down to the level of the average child not the very brainy one. Museums should encourage brains and not talk down to children or adults. Actual things are far more interesting than plastic interactive animatronics. For children.
  • Fr. Hunwicke: Even the greatest admirers of S John Paul II sometimes concede that he did fail to get a grip upon the appointment of Bishops in the Catholic Church, so that local hierarchies became self-perpetuating oligarchies. I blame him for altar girls too. With friends like that... It would not be difficult to incorporate l'affaire Conry into such a narrative. Res scrutanda est usque ad radices. And it is sometimes suggested that a de facto and totally unintended result of Vatican II was a loss in many quarters of any dread of Sin and of any consciousness of the absolute need for Grace. Bishop Conry, if his words do truly manifest the man, would be a perfect illustration of that.
  • LRC's useful for newbies as I was 13 years ago (good for learning the truth about World Wars I and II: we should have stayed out; the USSR won WWII, in which we were a useful-idiot supporting player), but I'll save you time: "It's always the government's including the military's fault." Anti-authority daddy issues. At least they're not as bad as left-libertarians.
  • Rod Dreher in short. He went into schism, I suspect him of trying to talk conservative Christians into surrender and escapism, and he's a little stuck up. The rest is none of my business. Anything beyond that is bullying; detraction's a sin even when you have to stop someone. (Surrender: Orthodoxy's always happy to be a little ward of the state. Catholics had to say no, which was why the Communists hated them.)


  1. "Protestantism's bastard spawn"! John, may I use that? Oh, and btw, there are a plethora of kumbaya Catholics that, in some instances, are even more nauseating, derailed, and poor conversationalists. A significant coterie of them infect the Jesuit Order, I've heard.

    1. The dominant story in American Catholicism since Vatican II, with a conservative counterrevolution very slowly brewing (spiked under Benedict XVI, then crashed because he quit) since the late '80s as the church liberals (the kumbaya Catholics) age and die without young church followers (those who don't believe now just leave).

    2. Your comments on "Vatican II" would interest me.

    3. A valid council; I have no problem with the vernacular, religious liberty, or ecumenism; it didn't define any doctrine, being only about policies; and it was a disaster for the church that should be shelved.

      It came from the '50s (space age) mainstream Western belief in neverending progress, and its proponents thought it would either bring the Protestants into the church or, if the proponent was a heretic, that Catholics and Protestants would work together to create a new church (no longer really Catholic), the media "cartoon" version of the council.


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