Friday, November 28, 2014

"Called by Christ to heal": Dorothy Kerin and the charm of DIY Catholicism

Born today in 1889: Dorothy Kerin, as far as I know a devout and probably holy English Anglo-Catholic (though this article doesn't mention that) with a healing prayer ministry. More. The Chapel of Christ the Healer at Burrswood, "a Christian hospital and place of healing" she founded, shows how close she was to the church, but with A-C panache:

Patrimony. Holy eccentrics and congregationalism as a hedge against Modernism: all part of the charm. It can teach us a thing or three.

Regrettably, it seems she and Burrswood so identified with the Church of England that it's now mainline; even the Catholic chaplain is a laywoman.

Would that this ministry and chapel were under traditionalists or the ordinariate.

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