Friday, November 21, 2014

"Christine" movie car up for auction, and more

  • Ike the ringer. Don't miss the comments.
  • Feel-good trad stuff but noteworthy for the unlikely celebrity quoted: Bill Murray is a Catholic who grew up in the golden era and he misses our Mass.
  • The most mythological feast in Christendom. Presentation BVM. St. Pius V was right to cut it out. I don't believe Our Lady grew up in the Temple's Holy of Holies fed by angels. It's nothing but a poetic retelling of the Immaculate Conception, which, unlike this, is entirely believable because 1) it's invisible and 2) God isn't limited by space and time. Bottom line: East and West believe Mary is all-holy and became the Mother of God.
  • Bishop Conley of Lincoln to offer the Mass ad orientem. For Advent. It's been done before for that reason. It's a start.
  • Trad complaints of being put upon are common but this is worth a look: the priest who saved Holy Innocents in Manhattan is banished to a South African slum while homosexualist parishes get off scot-free. The old liberals are dying but won't go gently. Not with all that boomer entitlement.
  • Got $175,000+? The Christine promotional car will be up for auction at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale next year! That's right, the world's most famous '58 Plymouth. Of the couple dozen Furys, Belvederes, and Savoys bought up and used in the movie (regrettably, many destroyed in the stunts), the intact car used for many scenes went on tours for the film and was in a promotional giveaway (winning postcard) afterwards; it shows up in the auctions now and then. It last appeared at Barrett-Jackson in Palm Beach 10 years ago, sold to a collector in Britain and not seen since. Car auctions are a rich man's hobby; been a non-bidder at two of them (Wildwood and Atlantic City). Reggie Jackson buys collector's cars at them; I think Jay Leno's a hobby mechanic who restores barn finds. I only recently realized the movie's a deadpan black comedy (I have a copy as well as the book, which I've read) making fun of nostalgia like mine and men's relationship with their cars. (It's been described as a male Carrie too.) From what I remember, the book's more straight-ahead horror. Has Stephen King ever considered a revised version fixing all the errors he made about the car? (He wrote the novel without researching the car. Great concept, though: a nearly forgotten, beautiful '50s car with no cult of nostalgia around it, yet.) The movie Christine seems to be a "Furvedere"; of course the Fury name's great for the story but she's got a Belvedere body (whose options included a white roof, red body, and silver-colored trim) with a Fury engine (twin carburetors). ("Ooh, beware of the Belvedere." No.) Anyway, this car (VIN#LP2L11322) is a Fury custom-painted.
  • The Anti-Gnostic: Liberal, anti-fascist whites are getting old and tired, and their children are being killed.
  • Roissy: Basically, the parts of the country with the smallest numbers of nonwhites are associated with the biggest numbers of white p*ssies. This is what the electoral map would look like if only white men had the vote. In such a world, Democrats would be lucky to win student council seats. Washington, Oregon, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts: If it’s hypocritical, sanctimonious white male p*ssies you want as neighbors, these are the places to be!
  • Columbus: my favorite South Jersey bazaar and flea market partly burned down this week. Sad. At least no one was hurt. My guess is it was a kitchen fire; the non-Amish food court was down at that end (the Amish have another whole wing of the building). This is my version of Delaware County, Pa.'s Bazaar of All Nations that opened in the golden era, a long walk away from home, but closed 20 years ago.
  • The Queen and Prince Philip's 67th anniversary. He's in his 90s! The Queen was pretty as a young woman; her sister, Princess Margaret, more so. Lots of twists and turns in that royal marriage. They're distant cousins, which is how they met. Met during the war when Prince Philip was a dashing naval officer besides being handsome. He's never really practiced religion, very English, but was a nominal Orthodox (Prince Philip of Greece, born there but not really Greek, 100% Germanic) who switched to nominal Anglican just in case it was constitutionally necessary (probably not), right before the wedding. She was in love with him so I understand she was heartbroken when he cheated (at top-out-of-sight men's clubs). "Phil the Greek" (ha ha) isn't the gentlest of men but that's fun because he can get away with saying all kinds of stuff she can't, and does.

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  1. It's not necessarily that Whitopias are exclusively inhabited by p***ies, though p***ies gravitate toward Whitopias. Rather, in a Whitopia, the hard men don't care about political organizing very much, because it doesn't really matter to them personally. Trust me- there are a lot of very, very harsh and dangerous white men in Vermont. For the most part, though, they keep to themselves, they live out on their own remote properties, and they don't throw much effort into politicking. If there were a lot of NAMs making trouble, they'd be out in force with their 9mm pistols keeping the peace, but everything's quiet, so they don't particularly care.


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