Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Church politics, sham elections, and more from the culture wars

  • The Synod on the Family and the ordinariates. Of course the mainstream media and the Catholic liberals are ignoring a great thing we have: conservative married priests.
  • Fr. Hunwicke's case for the right kind of ecumenism, of the right: I know there are Traditionalists who like the Vetus Ordo and Conservatives who can't see the point of it: but what we have in common may at this juncture be more important than what divides us. I believe that the good contained in some encyclicals of S John Paul II, especially Veritatis splendor, is the important thing to emphasise. Since B Paul VI is now beatified, I urge insistence upon Humanae vitae and Mysterium Fidei. Anomalies in the canonical situation of the SSPX may come to be seen as less significant than the witness which it bears. Perhaps those attached to the SSPX might show more openness to the sincerity of those who did not follow His Excellency Archbishop Lefebvre into a breach with what they call the "Conciliar Church". Do not forget some Orthodox, Anglicans, and Lutherans who are not exactly fighting against us. Somebody has described Cardinal Pell's relationship with the Evangelical Archbishop of Sydney as an 'Ecumenism of the Right' ... not that I very much like the idea of being characterised as a Rightie. The Tridentine Mass + strict-constructionist reading of Vatican II (since, after all, it couldn't change doctrine), basically "the hermeneutic of continuity," not necessary the same as the Novus Ordo neocon triumphalism under St. JP the Overrated (Benedict the Great admitted the trads were right about the problems in the English new Mass and ordered that fixed; that was HUGE) = sounds good to me. Sure, Anglicans such as Fr. Bob Hart (theologically and ecclesiologically slightly amiss but "just the facts, ma'am," Christ-centered, Mass-and-office basics, a good perspective), Lutherans such as the Gottesdienst Missouri Synod high churchmen (similar; I like to think I'm as Christ-centered as these close cousins of ours), and Orthodox such as Fr. Matthew Thurman congratulating (former Orthodox, St. Vlad's grad) Dom Benedict Andersen on his ordination as a fellow priest.
  • Nuns in glass buses. Who's at all surprised that mainstream American Big Money is pushing Catholics to distance themselves from Rome (that is, not be Catholic anymore)? They've wanted that since the Know-Nothings. The nuns are mainline wannabes without the Episcopalians' credal orthodoxy, Oxbridgian air of learnedness about ancient church history, or high-church liturgical panache (traditional church is fun). I'll pass. Also, note that they're all old.
  • The Anti-Gnostic:
    • The reality that I've been talking about for months — that Syria and Iraq no longer exist, and Kurdistan does — is only just now creeping into the mainstream.
    • Narrative breakdown. More on that "anti-harassment" video. The prize in the sexual marketplace goes to the most aggressive men and the most erotic women. What this is really about is women offended at attention from men they regard as beneath their pay grade. Yeah. Playing hard to get (while maybe hooking up with some of these men when the camera's off) and: This chick is of course complaining that she's just so hot, men just find her too attractive.
  • Voter fraud and voter suppression. I like local Republicans but have been done with mainstream Republican vs. Democrat for 10 years. Although I don't read libertarian sites much now (I'll save you some time by giving away the plot: "The government, including the military, the cops, and all authority, is bad, bad, bad. Hooray for abortion and gay marriage." Daddy issues.), nationally I am a Libertarian. Best game in town even though it's rigged so they always lose. A radio attack ad from Planned Parenthood or suchlike tempts me to vote for Gov. Tom Corbett; a write-in for Ken Krawchuk would really be a vote for Tom Wolf. The Republican lady running for my congressional district is against Obamacare so that's something.
  • I DON'T think libertarians are deliberately selfish monsters like the mainstream, the left, makes them out to be. They really believe in liberty. "Do your own thing = every man for himself = just die already" is not an intended result but it is a result. Big on rights; small on responsibilities.
  • On an NYT article calling for canceling the midterm elections because they're afraid the Dems won't get their way. My, how far we have progressed since the era of concern over the “Imperial Presidency.” Oh, wait, those were Republican Presidents. Never mind.
  • More from the culture wars: The Birmingham, England library statue of "single mums." What did Tolkien ever do to encourage reading? Instead, they decided to honor a couple of hot babe sisters whose main accomplishment is getting themselves pregnant out of wedlock, because what says Cool Britannia more than single mums? Roma and Emma look like real scholars.
  • Takimag's Kathy Shaidle on Watergate: Even when one of their own stands accused, they [the left] must remind us of a 40-year-old “right-wing” crime, despite the fact that Watergate, in the cosmic scheme of things, was basically a corpse-free, combination fraternity prank/blooper reel. Corpse-free unlike Chappaquiddick.

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