Thursday, November 13, 2014

Clash of the Christian titans, Catholic Defcons, and more East vs. West

  • When Malcolm Muggeridge met Francis Schaeffer. David Virtue, who arranged the meeting, remembers.
  • Dreher on the Francis effect. Not news and it doesn't affect our teachings as he knows. Priests go to homosexualist rallies and appear to sell out the church, while some bishops revert to the '80s position of forbidding attendance at the SSPX on pain of excommunication; "do what you've done for generations and you're outside the church." Folks, we're at Defcon 3 again, but it's better than the '80s because we have Pope Benedict's English Novus Ordo. I actually don't expect to go to Defcon 2 (in which case I would go to the SSPX at St. Jude's, Eddystone) but you never know. Plus, there are homosexualist American Orthodox priests and parishes; don't let the veneer of liturgical conservatism or the ethnicity fool you.
  • Some liberal Orthodox admit it: they lose ethnics like crazy, so making a big deal about a few converts is like whistling in a graveyard. Our white ethnic numbers in America are cratering too, especially among the still liturgically conservative Greek Catholics, but generally it's because we bankrupted ourselves with Vatican II.
  • John Beeler likely knows that there are Roman Catholic priests and hierarchs as pigheaded and bigoted when it comes to the Orthodox faith as any he may have encountered in the Orthodox Church. Arrogant triumphalists are arrogant triumphalists — regardless of how they make the sign of the cross. That may well be, Mr. Dutko; fallen human nature and all that. But I've never encountered it in person among conservative Roman Catholics in my 30+ years of adult churchgoing! I think that's because, like my first traditional Catholic liturgy was Ukrainian, because of Vatican II/the Novus Ordo, more conservative Roman Riters than before have turned to the Greek Catholic option and thus have become better informed. In my view, "Byzantium is the church," the Orthodox position, is arrogant triumphalism or worse, a kind of idolatry or even self-worship; "the Pope is the vicar of Christ" transcends culture and rite. We include the East. That triumphalism among Slavic ex-Catholics strikes me the same as Louis Farrakhan repeating Elijah Muhammad's teaching about the white devils, a theology of spite.


  1. It might not be a wholly bad thing for the modernists to continue thinking they're in charge for a while longer. By the time they realize they're doomed by demographics, hopefully they'll be too old, feeble, and few in numbers to do any serious long-term damage on their way out.

    Based on crude back-of-the-envelope calculations of the ages of various cohorts of priests, I'd roughly estimate that sometime around 2030 we'll start to notice modernist clergy begin to very rapidly vanish from the wild. The challenge will be keeping them at bay for the next 15 years, until demographic momentum carries them over the cliff.

  2. Not much comfort, Unknown, for us traditional Catholics with children who'll be teens/young adults for the next 15 years.


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