Thursday, November 06, 2014

"Female priest defies the Catholic Church": must have been a slow news day

The big story is... there is no story! Looks like Derb's right about The Telegraph. The anti-Catholic media have been trying to make this turkey fly for years now. Although the church has liberal goofoffs including in Austria, there is no groundswell of a movement to ordain women here. That's the Holy Spirit talking. Because the magisterium says it's impossible. We can't change the matter of a sacrament. "She's got the mindset of an Episcopalian... she should head over there." There is a version of them in Austria, the Old Catholics. (In fact the Episcopal Church is now the Old Catholics' affiliate in America.) The only difference between this lady and them is her outfit, "Roman Catholic Womenpriests," pretends it's still in the church. I wonder if Bishop Braschi really is a Catholic bishop and if so, was he excommunicated? Google and Wikipedia make up for this sloppy journalism: he's not. This lady is a vagante; she became a non-Catholic minister. Case closed.

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