Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ferguson and more

  • Ferguson, Mo.: "No charges"; hooray. Justice; hooray for the rule of law. I support Officer Darren Wilson as I did George Zimmerman. But the media ginned up a race riot. (And the liberals get to vicariously enjoy all that righteous black rage from the comfort of their whitopias.) This headline regarding the story reminds me why I don't read libertarian sites much anymore: "Grand jury gives killer cop a pass." Reflexively anti-authority (daddy issues); anything an agent of the state including a cop does is bad. Grow up.
  • By the way, congratulations to Officer Wilson on being newly married; I wonder how his part of the country is for affordable family formation.
  • Do Republicans deserve Catholic support? A "lesser of two evils, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" practical argument; better the Stupid Party than the Evil one. I vote Republican locally (state) but not nationally (except for Ron Paul in two primaries, the reason I became a Republican again) since 2000. I may not be a libertarian anymore but have voted LP for president since then (except for sitting out '08). First voted LP in '92; felt so subversive. Lew Rockwell was my red pill 15 years ago, getting me to think outside the box consistently, so 9/11 didn't surprise me THAT much and I didn't get all gung-ho about the war in Iraq. "Libertarians serve a purpose but it isn't a viable political philosophy in the real world. A critique but not a program." Paul should have been president; Rand's not his dad.
  • There's nothing more to say about American Thanksgiving, really our harvest festival, naturally religious with a nice Eucharistic message. But the Puritans as the start of America is a government-backed myth (thanks, Lew Rockwell); it really began with corporations of Anglicans (Cavaliers? Tories?) in Virginia seeking a profit (Jamestown).
  • Bob Wallace gives thanks: Thank white men for civilization.
  • This story may be culture-wars shark chum but if it's true it's an outrage: Boy, 5, forced into adoption with gay couple pleads: "We want to stay with our gran and grandad." He and a sister. Why is a tiny minority with a mental problem calling the shots? (It's a parody of Christianity, trying to stand up for the historically oppressed.)
  • I'm not on a anti-Dreher kick personally but have been clued in that his Benedict option (named after St. Benedict) is really a sellout. Anyway, I can't resist Daniel Nichols' pithy summation of it: "For special Christians to play church while eating kale or something." Nothing wrong with having great taste or the means to enjoy nice things. But if you're trying to sell a sellout, then no.

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