Saturday, November 15, 2014

Neon, chrome, and more

For the month of the dead.

I voted Republican locally this month.

Phila Flea Market, 9th and Spring Garden.

"You must have hated that moose!"

Booth's Corner.

Ernest Borgnine was here in '12.


The Reading Terminal Market: almost sensory overload during a weekday lunch rush. Was in Center City Philadelphia for a job interview. Interesting being a tourist in my own city as I don't get to Center City or Old City that much. The Gallery still stinks; worse than 25 years ago. '70s mall to compete with the 'burbs; initially so successful that Gimbels tore down its big old store (still an empty lot on Market Street) and moved there. The mall started to die when Gimbels did. Even the Kmart that moved into Gimbels' old space is gone. Ghetto. Mostly a food court now for the renamed Jefferson commuter-train station, a Burlington Coat Factory, Old Navy, Five Below, and fye. It's one of Philly's several failed attempts at urban renewal, like the Bourse building, attempted amenities such as a park on Chestnut Street, and the demolished Newmarket.

Old City's great when you take the (expensive) train into town: shops that sell vintage stuff and more.

"Not retro; OLD." Walt's in Clifton Heights is gone as far as I'm concerned (the owner tore down a '50s eatery) but there's still the Olympic Diner, with everything you could want: good food as close to '60s prices as they can, and conversation at the counter. Σε ευχαριστώ!

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