Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Never forget," and more

  • From 1962: Never forget. The Communist horror.
  • The heart as the seat of emotion.
  • Scary examples of cheating.
  • The Dem strategy that failed in '14. Ferguson, feminism, and foreigners.
  • Trouble in transtopia. “You fundamentally can't change sex…. Transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists.” According to the article, even Renee Richards is against it now.
  • Obamacare and "the stupidity of the American voter." Gruber made an argument that many of Obamacare’s critics have long made, including me. It’s that the law’s complex system of insurance regulation is a way of concealing from voters what Obamacare really is: a huge redistribution of wealth from the young and healthy to the old and unhealthy. In the video, Gruber points out that if Democrats had been honest about these facts, and that the law’s individual mandate is in effect a major tax hike, Obamacare would never have passed Congress.
  • L.A. Morgue Files. Not morbid; just showbiz history. Bios and find-a-grave for the stars. Fitting for the month dedicated to purgatory.
  • St. Josaphat. Flamebait on the quisling "Byzantine Catholic" interwebs. They and "ecumenical" Orthodox recognize our sacraments (an option in Orthodoxy) but believe the other side is the true church. He is a saint, a martyr for unity, a unity based on the set of doctrine (God, Christ, Trinity, hypostatic union, Mother of God, bishops, the Mass, and the option of using images), traditional liturgy (the online denizens hate Catholic trads, resenting us attending or joining Greek Catholic churches; real Greek Catholics, most of whom are self-latinized, like us; the church offers both the unlatinized "Orthodox" and latinized versions of the rite), AND the grace of the sacraments that we share. What many don't understand is being a saint doesn't mean you were perfect in this life. "You can go to hell imitating the faults of the saints." Anyway, моли Бога о нас, "pray to God for us." (The Polish National Catholic Church, an American denomination, still venerates him simply because he's popular in Poland, I guess for not being Russian.)

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