Wednesday, November 05, 2014

OK, I voted mainstreamish

  • A pro-abortion radio attack ad against Gov. Tom Corbett did the trick for me as did anti-Obamacare; voted a local GOP ticket for him, Megan Rath for U.S. Congress, and Saud Siddiqui for the state House. They all lost. Wags say Pennsylvania is Los Angeles (actually that area has enclaves more conservative than you think) and New York with Alabama in the middle; guess the blue-collar left and their SWPL progeny (pro-death) carried the Pennsylvanian SSR. I'm still out of mainstream presidential politics, for 10 years now.
  • The Republicans now control the Senate.
  • Tom Menino: Easygoing Mediterranean Catholicism + the cold, hard wind of American Protestant culture, which has always wanted to at least separate American Catholics from Rome (making them no longer Catholic) = Bad Catholic politicians like Mr. Menino, canonized by the media. As menino is a Portuguese word, the cognate of niño, I thought he was of that group, big in New England. No, he was Italian-American.
  • Reminds me of our arguably better Big Man in politics, Frank Rizzo. When he died I went to the public viewing at the cathedral, shaking hands with his son (now a Philadelphia city councilman who's changed his name to Frank Jr.) and brother (then the fire commissioner?). Rizzo was from the old America, an ethnic Catholic, hereditary Democrat, and career cop (he was commissioner), as far as I know not pro-abortion. (Died while running for mayor again in '91, as a Republican.) All the right people (Sixties lefties and tony rich liberals) hated him. In true Big Man (don) fashion, he did favors for friends and random people out of kindness, and I imagine got back at his enemies. Not a bad guy at all. His real problem was he was in over his head as mayor so his way of governing was to curry favor with the feds (that he was part of Nixon's silent majority helped) to get programs and subsidies to bail him out. Good-hearted and on the right side of the culture wars but not really a conservative and probably not particularly bright.
  • In Texas Wendy Davis was rightly trounced, so maybe she's through, and upstate Pa.'s cute anchorwoman with the same name will get a break from all the misdirected rage she's been getting.

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  1. It always amazed me that one of the most educated cities in America elected as mayor someone who seemed barely fluent in the English language. Even other native Bostonians found Mayor Menino utterly incomprehensible most of the time, so it wasn't just the accent. He must have been very, very good at doing favors for people, because he certainly wasn't elected because of his oratorical charisma. Anyway, requiescat in pace, Mumbles.


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