Thursday, November 06, 2014

Pathetic privilege: the Lena Dunham story

National Review's Kevin Williamson weighs in well. Roissy's commenter is right that we shouldn't feed this female troll, but what strikes me is THIS is what our old money, our old WASP elite, has turned into. The Dunham men are Andover preppies. Aren't girls from such families smart enough not to have crushes on Obama? Also, a far cry from the Main Line beauties like the one January Jones used to play. Dunham would have been and probably is a spinster aunt. I can't imagine her seemingly new-money brattiness going over too well at, say, Miss Porter's in 1960: "Now snap to!" On one hand, these are the same stock as the Rockefeller Republicans who helped create the Sixties (contraception to neutralize "the papists," finally assimilating a huge minority in America, as long hoped for — that and Vatican II did the trick — and no-fault divorce à go-go), rotten to the core since their father among the saints John Calvin quit the church. Then again, they used to be the culturally conservative but party-hearty ethnic-English gentlemen who were Taki's friends, the truly liberal liberals who appealed to reason, founding America and thus creating a home for Catholics, ironically more hospitable than monarchical, episcopal England. If not for these gracious hosts, we wouldn't have had Cardinal Spellman's New York. Anyway, this unattractive weirdo's the vapid "voice of her generation" Janeane Garofalo of the '10s. (Hun, that's not a title you award yourself.) Feh. I have never watched "Girls"; apparently it's about turning Brooklyn into a playground for people just like her. Like David Schwimmer in the '90s, if she weren't rich and connected (he's the son of Hollywood insiders), people wouldn't give her a second glance, and may she disappear as he has.


  1. I detested "Friends", but Mr. Schwimmer gave a heck of a performance in "Band of Brothers". I was quite surprised to see it in a Spielberg-produced series, because if he hadn't been a real person, the character of Capt. Sobel would probably have been denounced as an anti-Semitic caricature.

    1. So did I. More than one wag has retitled it "Unrealistic Expectations of Single Life in New York." Good to know he can act.

  2. I'm rather surprised that nobody has waved a slogan "Sluts for Obama," since it would be so a propos.


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