Friday, November 07, 2014

"Rebel Without a Cause," factual feminists, and more

The car, the jacket, and the look.

  • Rebel Without a Cause. Social-issues melodrama: golden-era classic, overwrought bunk, and/or sign of cultural decay? I'm not a James Dean fan. "Spokesman of his generation"? No thanks. I get it: broodily handsome in an alpha psycho way, but he always played whiny jerks. (As in "chicks dig jerks"?) In real life he never would have been the odd kid out, except out of envy (see below) or as here, initiation hazing. ("Be handsome. Be attractive. Don't be unattractive.") The movie strikes me as pretentious and part of the '50s problem of basically inventing "teenagers" as a subculture to sell things to and to imitate (garbage like "the peer group" is your real family), like that likewise overrated book that's really a sign of decline, The Catcher in the Rye. (Kid feels sorry for himself. It's short and has lots of cussing. The end.) Don't get me wrong: parents can be awful (the shrew, the wimp, the cold and overbearing, and the absent) and I'm all for compassionate treatment of teens and the mentally ill (as from the stock tough cop with a heart of gold), which some think "liberal." (Dr. Spock has an undeserved bad rap. He was reacting against crackpot theories of child-rearing.) But with things like this, as someone once said to me, you can see the Sixties about to explode. Short answer: "Kid, get over yourself and get a job," like in families that have real problems like needing money. Beware lefty nostalgia: they love Dean, Rye, the Kinsey Report, Masters & Johnson, and Hugh Hefner. In the end, Cause is good to see classic cars (Jim Stark's black '49 Merc, for example; who else hates to see the older '40s cars wasted playing chicken?) and associated cool posing, and little else, other than to spot the rot setting in.
  • The rise of the factual feminist. This election marked the end of the assumption that murdering an unborn baby is empowering.
  • A challenge from smart manosphere critic Bob Wallace: If Roissy and Vox Day were telling the truth and weren't loudmouths, and were as popular as they say they are, and laid as many women as Roissy claims, believe me, they'd be talking about envy. And fights or avoiding them. Good point, but here's my take. In a way Roissy's as camp as sexy Stella on "Saturday Night Dead." (Philly reference; look it up.) Hyperbole. The manosphere's a map, not the terrain. And I've long thought he's not an alpha (Wallace says they don't exist); alphas don't need his coaching. He's an equalizer for the majority of men, nice guys who are not. Beneath the debauched bluster, realistic about human nature and thus ... conservative.
  • From Face to Face: A federal appeals court in Cincinnati has allowed four states (Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Michigan) to treat gay marriages as illegitimate, following the sentiment of the people. Rational Review whining about "marriage apartheid" is a big reason I don't follow it anymore.
    This may force a decision with the Supreme Court, and they may rule in favor of gay marriage. But even if that happens, conservatives in the region should not grasp defeat from the jaws of victory. A ruling against condoning gay deviance all the way up at the appellate level is already sending shockwaves throughout the region (see all the whiny Twitter reactions in the Dispatch article). Now it is official: no matter what the Supreme Court ultimately decides, Ohio and its Appalachian neighbors have chosen to stand on the wrong side of history. Anybody who wants to stand on the right side can defect and join the liberal transplant hive in another state.
  • Five iconic groups from history that everybody pictures incorrectly. The Luddites weren't bad guys. Cracked doing what it does best besides amateur Photoshopping contests: teaching history. (Hooray for Nikola Tesla.) I can do without the male-feminist sermons, and the overdone cussing is probably part of cultural Marxism (manners are bourgeois), but it's not SWPL putdown city like The Onion. (There's a place for cussing: see Sir John Gielgud in Arthur, so upper-class nobody can make him lie. It's a weapon to deploy sparingly for maximum effect.)
  • Why Lena Dunham triggers the American right. Basically a fisk of Kevin Williamson's article. Somebody else has noted the moral collapse of the elite. Remember when preppy liberals were fun to be with, like Poppy Bush? He grew up before teenagers were invented, so instead of sulking, he went to Andover and Yale and became a Navy combat pilot.
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