Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A lot of people misunderstand IQ

Comment at Steve Sailer's old blog:
My I.Q. at 12 was measured as 93. I was raised in poverty. in a culture of ignorance, bigotry, dislike of education, and had to work menial agricultural jobs long hours every day for little pay. (By the way, I'm a white male!). Dissatisfied with my lot in life, I studied math, science, vocabulary, etc. every night after work (morning), school (in between 8 hours), and work late afternoon and evening). Went to high school and scored high SAT and ACT scores. Went to college (worked a job all the way through), and 131 on an I.Q. test there. Took speed reading courses for years and got my speed up to 3000 words per minute (Of course on complex topics it slowed down). Got a Doctoral Degree. Self-employed now successfully. So is I.Q. just genetic??
A lot of people misunderstand IQ. Somebody with a high one doesn't necessarily know more; he just has more potential to learn. But he might be lazy! Somebody with an average IQ who works hard to learn will end up "smarter," knowing much more. And it's true there are other kinds of intelligence, such as empathy and street smarts, social skills, that are just as important.

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