Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bye, Daniel Nichols

Of course the cop thought this was a real gun. It's like combat: you can't afford to hesitate.

In this blog's early years (it turned 12 this year) I liked Caelum et Terra though they (Daniel Nichols and Maclin Horton) didn't like me. Mr. Nichols has great credentials for an orthodox Catholic trying to think outside the two-parties (Punch and Judy) box: anti-war (unlike the Republicans invading Iraq over 10 years ago) and a Greek Catholic by choice (iconographer). Similar appeal as anti-war libertarianism, still my flag of convenience (I've voted only LP nationally since '04) even though I'm really a conservative, not a libertarian. The Greek Catholic angle understandably made me assume he's theologically conservative; small-o orthodox. That and leftism are not an unusual combo for serious Catholics, even though I don't agree with it.

Then this: Only in America. Rubbish. Standard lefty narrative (distortion of Christian charity) starring evil white cops and black threats depicted as cute kids. Tamir Rice had what looked like a REAL gun; its orange tip marking it as a toy was missing. A gun person wouldn't have done what he did. Hooray for the Oath Keepers in Ferguson and hooray for the Second Amendment.
Dude. You are SUPPOSED to be an antiwar libertarian. Not a cartoon figure righty.
Who said anything about supporting unjust wars?
Antiwar is supposed to be about a preference for nonviolence, especially State nonviolence, which murdered a twelve-year-old kid.
You don't get to tell me how to be anti-war.
My idea of the Ideal World is formed by the Sermon on the Mount. Not by some individualistic utopian ideal.
Reminds me of Jim Wallis calling his leftism "God's Politics." Preening, just like when SWPLs do it.
Beeler: you have become a joke. Your Catholicer than thou, anti-Orthodox, capitalist kissass, not-so-young fogey shtick is old old old, just as you like it.
Nichols' lefty martyr routine is good for something: he's written my new sig, now on FishEaters and maybe a few other places.

Fine; you're just an old pro-contraception lefty who likes icons. ("Orthodox in communion with Rome" nonsense: pro-contraception.) Beat it.
Are you even married? I think YOU probably beat it. I haven't beaten it in many years, being married and all. Defending shooting a f*cking 12-year-old kid playing with a toy gun. God damn.
"Free-speech movement." How Sixties. "Manners? Bourgeois bullsh*t!" Bait.

Someone else, with common sense about the Cleveland incident. The cops in this aren't blameless, but the anti-cop narrative/propaganda is tiresome:
What the video shows is 3 people making very bad decisions. 1) Tamir Rice, should know his neighborhood and that he was going to attract attention to himself. 2) Cop driving the police car puts him and his partner in a very bad tactical situation by pulling right up to the suspect giving the other cop no room to maneuver, find cover, issue verbal commands or follow any use of force continuum, he is placed in an immediate "shoot" situation. 3) After Tamir is down the driver cop moves around behind him and passenger cop finally takes cover behind the car, when they are done they have set themselves up in a potential crossfire. This is the perfect video for training on what NOT to do responding to this type of situation.
Another: "Daniel Nichols, please shut up."
Or what? You'll shoot?
"I'm righteous/not a sellout because I'm poor." Here's a thought for this Eugene Debs cum Maynard G. Krebs (Byzantium's his Zen, I guess): let's talk about "social justice, man." "Honor your obligation to your wife and kids by getting a better job." When he's not "beating it" to all that "righteous" black rage on the news, like the other white liberals. Strike three; he's out.

P.S. For all Nichols' insight into Dreherism's error (the Benedict Option: "a place for special people to play church while eating kale or something"), contemptuous toward a perceived (self-styled) elite as it is, he's actually not that different, Byzantium and all. "Let's surrender the public square to the left and 'be spiritual,' above the fray, unlike those stupid Tea Partiers."


  1. I just can't read his stuff anymore. I like his pretty paintings but that's almost all I can stand these days. He caricatures his opponent's positions, indulges in over-the-top rhetoric, and engages in sloppy, simplistic black-and-white thinking. Worst of all, when he's challenged, he responds with insult and invective. It's impossible to carry on a rational conversation under those circumstances. If you don't agree with him, he bites your head off. Not worth it. I'll just keep him and his family in my prayers.

    1. Take away the Greek Rite including the iconography and he reminds me of a sad case in retrospect, Fr. Ray Jackson, a late Augustinian friar I'd met a few times nearly 30 years ago, whom I understood once I read his online autobio a few years ago. Second-generation Irish from the Bronx, '50s Marine, traditional vocation inspired by his Navy chaplain, Legion of Mary member, ordained by Cardinal Spellman, then graduate school after Vatican II flipped him so he spent the rest of his life sounding like this fellow.

    2. Yep!

      To tell the truth, I have no issue with the fact that Daniel's far to my left. I have lots of friends (and very close relatives!) who are so far left they're off the chart. Heck, my late mother was as lefty as they come. (It's a Massachusetts Thing.)

      I do object, however, when someone dismissively caricatures his opponent's arguments (without actually engaging them), makes sweeping unwarranted assumptions, and indulges in over-the-top rhetoric rather than rational argument.

      But even all of that doesn't really chap my hide. What I object to most is when the guy responds to the other person's argument with vicious invective and personal insult. Then, it's "Sorry, forget it, vaya con Dios, buh-bye, so long, sayonara." Over and out, as the headline of this thread indicates. Who needs that cr*p?

      But, then, so often far leftists do seem to respond to arguments with personal insults...haven't you noticed? Makes me wonder, "Is that all they've got?" To quote from a Jane Austen character (from Northanger Abbey), "What a picture of intellectual poverty."


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