Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas: "SNL" nails it in two filmed sketches

  • Sump'n Claus: I thought it was hilarious, and seriously, some folklore, such as Mexico's corruption of Catholicism, Santa Muerte, claims to act like this (non-judgmental magic for sinners), hence its appeal.
  • St. Joseph's Christmas Mass Spectacular: For all us church geeks, how church (not my Mass or the Orthodox; mainstream protestantized Catholic and Protestant) looks to occasional visitors. (Sadly, they assume viewers don't go to church.) Me: why is the priest singing the Minor Elevation from the pulpit? Also: mostly Catholic mishmash (because we're very visual) filmed in obviously an Episcopal church. (TV doesn't like ugly churches either.) Still, much of this is so funny because it's true.

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  1. Sump'n Claus is well thought out: part regular Santa Claus (who now is like Sump'n Claus anyway; unconditional love), part Santa Muerte, and, with a kind of morality, part Robin Hood.


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