Thursday, December 11, 2014

Churchmanship, libraries and the Internet, the sexodus, and more

  • "What is your churchmanship?" personality quiz. Final result: Traditionalist Anglo-Catholic. You are a staunch supporting of the Catholicity of the Church. A Sunday for you without incense is probably a Sunday visiting your relatives. Your parish has more vestments then you can count, or if you don't then you certain want more. You like edifying worship and despise modernism. Of course. And I wasn't trying to "game" this. I've identified as Catholic since I was 13 and walked into full-fledged Tridentine Anglo-Catholicism when I was 17. My parish doesn't actually re-enact '50s American Catholicism; we've taken on board some of the best of '50s ANGLO-Catholicism. Most of our hymns are found in the Hymnal 1940, and if it has six verses, all six verses are sung, just like in the Episcopal Church. We even have coffee hour once a month, remarkable for a Catholic parish. On those pick-your-denomination quizzes I always get Orthodox because my answers always include the East (married priests, for example).
  • Dewey Decimal System Day. Dewey was used in small libraries. I forgot the name of the alphanumeric system for big libraries: Library of Congress Classification System. Thought so. I worked in a library 21 years ago, as a cataloguing assistant, right before the Internet hit big; in fact one of our librarians (Noel S. McFerran) showed me the Internet and I panicked, thinking I'd never learn it. Good thing graphical-user interfaces and the Web opened it up to the masses.
  • Bob Wallace: The sexodus, part 2. Manosphere stuff: "men going their own way" because of feminism.
  • The life and times of Dr. Feelgood. A fictional version made an appearance on "Mad Men."
  • New job: I'm out of the Web content-writing business after two years. Back in publishing but with no writing; keeping track of production of scholarly journals for a nice, stable British company whose local office is a commuter-train ride away. Deo gratias.


  1. They use DDC in libraries of all sizes not just small. And your former boss - is this ( him?

  2. Congratulations! Great news on the new job.

  3. Congrats on the new job!


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