Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Liberal "AmChurch" isn't dead yet: Archbishop Cupich

Sed contra:
Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay. — Jesus
American liberal Catholicism lives but not for much longer. They're aging. Time's on our side. I'd bet you Cupich's successor will be a "reform of the reform" conservative like Cardinal Burke.
Isn't the archbishop a new Francis appointee? That would begin to explain the waffling.
Right; it's Cardinal Bernardin's seamless garment (he didn't coin that term) revisited. There is a true sense of that — anti-contraception, anti-abortion, anti-unjust war, Catholic social teaching about the common good and solidarity first, including subsidiarity, to promote individual, family, and community flourishing, and using the death penalty only rarely — but this is about trying to push abortion under the rug to look hip about social justice. Pope Francis: society's greatest evil's not abortion but unemployment; why don't those obsessive, annoying, embarrassing pro-lifers just shut up already?
Help me understand. Many of you want a priest, in the Communion line, to ask what political positions a person holds or held, determine if they've since been to Confession, then make a judgement on whether or not they should receive Communion?
That's not fair to us. Of course priests don't do that nor should they. They didn't before Vatican II. It would be impossible. The church is a big tent, not a cult. No, we're saying that "notorious evil livers" as the old Book of Common Prayer says, such as pro-abortion Catholic politicians, should be denied Communion because not only are they sinning but causing scandal.
But all the Archbishop said is that should not be determined in the Communion line. I have much to disagree with in that interview, but he's right about that. The Communion line is not the place for such conversations.
The priest doesn't need to interrogate a Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi. If there are abortions under their watch, they can't receive. This is about politicians' murderous policies causing scandal. The church says procuring an abortion is grounds for excommunication.

Also: copping out by shutting up about Teh Gay (World War G); unpublicized result: among the old liberal priests, gay-o-rama as before. By the way, the libcaths weren't trying to "save the children" from molestation by priests; it was the devout orthodox Catholics (CUF members and Wanderer readers) who embarrass Francis who tried to blow the whistle on it, 30+ years ago, and were told by the "pastoral" liberal bishops to shut up and mind their own business. Most of the perps were gay, not pedophiles.
If it is a Francis appointee, chances are he's a dangerous heterodox liberal, if not an outright heretic!
Back to the bad old days of new bishops under Paul VI and John Paul II — for now. At least we have Benedict XVI's English Novus Ordo and Summorum Pontificum, so it's much better now than then.

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  1. The problem with the "seamless garment" isn't that it doesn't exist. It's just that everyone (and more or less Bernadin himself) admitted he wasn't being serious about it, he was just using it as an excuse to become a political activist for a party that he sympathized with except for the wanton babykilling they endorsed. It was the Catholic Left negotiating the terms of surrender with the Democratic Party.


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