Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Looking to the Christian East: quotation and linked rebuttal

From FishEaters:
I would say the Western world's heavy Protestantism isn't a result of Roman Catholicism but stems from the Enlightenment thinking and the American ideology. Between the anti-Catholic French Revolution, lies spread throughout academia about the history of certain issues (Crusades, Inquisition) and the mix of individualism, moral relativism and consumerism it has decimated the Catholic mindset. The idea of radical individualism creates this mindset that the individual is the sole judge of their actions, which leads to a morally relative views causing resentment for things such as the Catholic Church that take an authoritarian position on certain issues and want us to respect solidarity. I think because the East didn't adopt the Enlightenment thinking may have contributed to the rise of such religious people in places such as Russia today. There state-sponsored atheism repressed religion while the American and Western idea allowed people so much license that they took religion for granted, while those under Communist rule were not allowed to worship. People don't truly see the value in things until they are taken from them. Protestantism (at least American forms of it) are just basically Christianity molded to American Idealism, Free-Market Christianity as I like to call it, which is this paranoid fear of any type of authority. You know, the "I love Jesus and he loves me; that's all that matters, now let's play an acoustic guitar and sing songs" where you basically choose what you want. There is also the notion of radical equality where you lose truth and beauty. The liberal democratic system allows for such license that people almost see it as a god, and any kind of objectivist statement drives them insane. The West is also being infiltrated by liberal and Communist-minded people and have brainwashed so many people through academia, entertainment and indoctrination. This indoctrination creates a secular mindset and a resentment for religion. It is the opposite in the East. The Communist liberal was the enemy 20 years ago and was removed from power to the east is headed in a direction where they are now allowed to finally embrace their faith. I mean look at Russia, Putin has implemented Orthodox Christianity back in schools, propagation of the homosexual lifestyle is illegal, abortion is illegal. I think that people in the east at one point looked to the West as the way to go but now they see how it is decaying into a moral cesspool and allows so much freedom that people become lawless and lose their principles and the east sees this and it is very distasteful. People in the west also do not think on a philosophical level anymore. They lack principles because of to them everything is relative.
My fisk with a lot on the Russians.


  1. "Putin has implemented Orthodox Christianity back in schools, propagation of the homosexual lifestyle is illegal, abortion is illegal."

    Abortion is illegal in Russia? Hardly.


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