Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Politics, bad religion, and the manosphere

  • What brings prosperous Westerners to join East Ukraine militias? Nothing against the independent Ukraine, but 1) its new government seized power illegally, so, reason the Russians in the far east, "Why can't we?" and 2) give up: the far eastern Ukraine has been an integral part of Russia for centuries. The people I've known from Kharkov didn't identify as Ukrainian. As pointless to try to stop that as forcing the formerly Polish-owned Greek Catholic far west (not part of Russia since around the 1300s; the first East Slavs and Byzantine Christians I knew) to be part of Russia. The Crimea is back in Russia because it unanimously asked to be.
  • The rise of immigration in Germany is prompting one of the parties in the government coalition to seek a requirement that would oblige all foreigners to speak only German in public and at home. I'm all for newcomers having to learn the native language (we have no official language but in our golden era of immigration, they had to learn English in school — of course a society needs a shared language), but I love languages and would never try to stamp out theirs. (Dumb nativist nonsense suppressed German in World Wars I and II, so for example Texas German, dating from the 1800s, is terminal.) Naturally, most such foreign languages disappear by the third generation in the new country anyway. Spanish persists here (I know it and have used it professionally; my dad grew up speaking it) because Latin America is right next door — Puerto Rico and massive Mexican immigration — which masks the fact that their third generations in America often have little or no Spanish.
  • Bad religion:
  • Manosphere:
    • Roissy: Another realtalker burned at the stake.
    • Smart manosphere critic Bob Wallace:
      • Back to normality/truth: the Dark Enlightenment. The things that the DE contend about human nature — that parents naturally favor their children, that sexual attraction is a biological phenomenon, that some people are naturally smarter than others — were all accepted as common sense for most or all of human history.
      • The sexodus. Surprise: women, while wonderful, aren't normally conceived immaculate; they, especially their feminist version, are as self-serving as everyone else, to society's detriment when they get their way all the time. Roissy actually agrees: it takes all kinds; betas build civilization; healthy society, such as America before the Sixties, was better all around, for betas and average girls alike, who were happy to have each other, continuing families. The Sixties' selfishness and shortsightedness (childishness), under a "love humanity" fake altruism, really has returned us to the jungle. Do your own thing = every man for himself = die already.
  • On the virtual demise of The New Republic. Peretz’s life has sort of fallen apart over the last year. Though he has been an avowed bigot for most of his adult life, he has only been held to account for his ethnic hostility to Arabs and Persians recently, when he wondered aloud on his New Republic blog “whether I need honor these people and pretend they are worthy of the privileges of the First Amendment, which I have in my gut the sense that they will abuse.” The “these people” were Arabs, for whom Peretz also said “life is cheap” (he later apologized for the First Amendment line). The naked racism of the sentiment caused even some of Peretz’ oldest friends to hang their heads in shame, and served as an ignominious cap to his career. ... During the Peretz years, it seemed to serve a small segment of American Jews who had moved to the neo-con right on foreign policy but still wanted to maintain their association with the left on domestic affairs. There were times I read it I wanted to scream at the editors: just complete the circle already and become the Weekly Standard! And that’s why I gravitated towards TAC. So many center-left publications became pro-intervention after 9/11 that the only places you could find good commentary on foreign affairs were on the far left (not my cup of tea) and here. Pretty sad when you think about it. ... Subscribed to the New Republic in the '80s, for a while. It championed a growing government in all situations. I’m surprised by those who admired the rag. It is amazing–pathetic that some rich kid would buy it as a trophy. The old commie martyr cause is probably not much to start off a profitable venture in publishing. It seems those who still yearn for “workers of the world unite” are the types who don’t really read so much. ... The media habits of this era are different from those of even 15 years ago. That’s true of you, it’s true of me. Every “venerable” media outlet is struggling to keep up with our habits, to figure out how to package their news, ideas and entertainment in ways that we will accept. Steve Sailer: Anti-Defamation League for gay WASP billionaires.
  • Israeli columnist: "Ashkenazi Jews are not white." Of course they're Middle Eastern-based; the Arabs' cousins. The people of the Old Testament, Jesus (in propria venit, et sui eum non receperunt), Mary, and the apostles. Goodbye, old covenant. "Before 3 p.m. on Good Friday, the head of the church on earth was Caiaphas; afterwards it was St. Peter": no more divine right to Palestine. Reminds me of discussions Steve Sailer has started: old mixed-race New Orleans Creole families, in a Latin Caribbean culture more fluid about race than ours, used to identify as white ("pass") but now that white is no longer cool in mainstream America (a distortion of Christianity standing up for the oppressed; actually, it's the elite liberal Tutsi whites, living in whitopias, genociding conservative Hutu whites), such now identify as black. (Anglo-America: related to blacks = black, so the races don't mix much.) Ashkenazim are odd Europeans but Europeans; now that "white is bad," some such as this no longer want to be white. Helen Thomas, an Orthodox Christian Semite: stop beating up the Palestinians and go home to Germany and Poland. (Yiddish, of course, is a kind of German, written in Hebrew letters with a few Hebrew words in it.)
  • Taki on the Mideast, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

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